Greetings all!

Preparations for EK Royal at Pennsic are well underway.  Please come by for a class, meeting, party, volunteer shift, or just to enjoy some shade in the Garden.  Below are a few announcements and requests from the Steward.

You are invited again this year to place potted plant arrangements in the Queen’s Garden. Same rules as last year: no more than 4 square feet, deliver anytime after 7/31, and include some heraldic or decorative indication of what group/household/guild/individual provided the display.

This year’s primary upgrade, courtesy of Leslie Birt and her crew, is decorative lighting for the battlefield tent for evening functions. It will not be as bright as the generator was but should provide a lovely soft illumination.  Jim Tazelaar and Judi Cole Tazelaar have also added a few more amenities to the State Kitchen thanks to your generous contributions to fundraisers so if cooking is your thing please stop by and see what we’ve got for cooking for classes or for official functions.

Next year’s planned upgrade is to replace the current labor-intensive shower arrangement with a simple shower trailer that can double as additional storage over the winter.  Toward that end the Steward is requesting tours of existing shower trailers. If you’ve built one or camp with one and are willing to show it off and talk about what worked and what didn’t, please contact Eleanor Fitzpatrick (