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A message from the Backlog Deputy of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet

Greetings!  I’m Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir (known by most as Feilinn), your Backlog Deputy. I have another round of backlog scrolls ready for delivery to their recipients.

Backlog Scrolls can be picked up at Great Northeastern War in Malagentia this weekend.  I will be in the barn on Saturday between 11am and 12:30pm near the A&S display.  

It is strongly suggested to email the Backlog Deputy (backlog.deputy@eastkingdom.org) to confirm that you will be picking up a scroll.  Local landed Barons/Baronesses and Seneschals are encouraged to pick up scrolls on behalf of members in their local groups if they know the recipient and the recipient cannot make these events.  More pickups will be organized as the year goes on. If you want to arrange pick up outside of these events, please email the Backlog Deputy (backlog.deputy@eastkingdom.org) to discuss.  

The following scrolls have been completed and are awaiting pick up.

Recipient Award Royals
Aiofe bean Conall meic Bradaigh Award of Arms Konrad and Brenwen
Aislinn Finnvanna of Leioness Court Barony Lucan & Marieke
Antonio Giancarlo Nicastri Silver Tyger Brennan & Caoilfhionn
Arturus of Aranmore KOE Omega V & Etheldreda IV
Aurigne Amordeppe Award of Arms Darius & Roxane
Bianca di Alessandro Award of Arms Kenric & Avelina
Caitlin Award of Arms Thorsen & Svava
Christiana of Hampton Tyger’s Cub Kelson & Geneviere
Ciaran d’alleherien Silver Tyger Kenric & Avelina
Concobahr Mac Lughdach Award of Arms Griffyth & Aikaterine
Constancia Aelfillnesdottir Silver Crescent Brion & Anna
Damian the Magyar Maunche Balfar & Luna
Declan Mac Aodhagain Award of Arms Brennan & Caoilfhionn
Dmitri Stephanovich Silver Brooch Ivan & Matilde
Domiana d’Acurio Award of Arms Timonthy & Gabrielle
Donal of Newcastle-on-Tyne Award of Arms Timonthy & Gabrielle
Dorian de San Kalogero Award of Arms Tsurunaga & Genvieve
Elizabeth mac Neachtain Silver Wheel Wilhelm &Vienna
Fiachra Failroch Award of Arms Darius & Roxane
Finnegan Aldwald Award of Arms Brennan & Caoilfhionn
Gwennyth of Tanglewood Award of Arms Randal & Marieke
Gwennyth of Tanglewood Silver Crescent
Hrotger of Aujum Award of Arms Ioannes & Honig
Ivan d’Feigorff Award of Arms Timonthy & Gabrielle
James of York Award of Arms Brennan & Caoilfhionn
Jibril al-Ghazal Silver Wheel Wilhelm &Vienna
Karina Newald Award of Arms Timonthy & Gabrielle
Lorencio Matteo Espinosa Silver Rapier Wilhelm & Vienna
Maeve O’Cleary Award of Arms Ivan & Matilde
Piers Cressner Award of Arms Ivan & Matilde
Razvan Fokovich Volkov Award of Arms Ivan & Matilde
Robert of Sugarbush Queens Honor of Distinction Isabella
Rowan of Westwood Award of Arms Kelson & Geneviere
Thora Ravenhair Silver Crescent Balfar & Luna
Thorbjorn Gunnerbroeker SIlver Brooch Brennan & Caoilfhionn
Wolfgang Krausfaher (was Ivan Jarnev) Award of Arms Bjorn & Morgen


*Any misspelling of names is an error on the part of the Backlog Deputy reading unfamiliar calligraphy without a cut sheet

*What is a backlog scroll?  Sometimes an award is given out at a court and there is no scroll available to give the recipient.  This could be due to transportation issues of the scroll or even that the royalty decided to grant a spur of the moment award to a deserving gentle.  When this happens, the reign’s heraldic staff records this and sends it to the Signet staff in their court reports. The awards that should have had a scroll generated become backlogs and are assigned out to volunteer scribes to work on in between live assignments.