Thrown Weapons Tourney targetsThe theme for this year’s K&Q Thrown Weapons is, Carnival Games.  Both Thorormr and Matteo live close to the Big E in Springfield MA.  They both have enjoyed walking the Midway and finding all the games where you can throw things and break stuff (and win stuffed animals).  So, we thought we’d bring a little bit of our history to K&Q Thrown Weapons.

The following people will advance out of the qualifiers:

  • Thrainn Steinsson
  • Symon of Barnesdale
  • Arngeirr Refskegg
  • Safiya al-Naghira
  • Ulfr Jarnhauss
  • Mikael melrakki
  • Durrin of BBM
  • Arlyana van Wyck
  • Pandaulf
  • Peter the Red
  • Rumhann MacDuibhsidhe
  • Myra
  • Colin Mackenzie
  • Kirsa Oyutai
  • Asher de Lincolia
  • Deirdre Grenewode

The rules for the first round is as follows:

  1. Higher seed will have lane choice.
  2. You will bring, one axe, one knife and one spear to the field.
  3. You are allowed to bring any items that you wish to mark your “spots”
  4. You will have 7 minutes to get as many points as you can.  Points are obtained by hitting the targets on the walls.
  5. However, carnival games have a fee to play.  This game is no exception.
  6. In order to advance to throw at the bottles, cans and plates (the walls), you must sink one axe, one dagger, and one spear in the 2 point ring or better from close range (10ft for axes and knives, 20 ft for spears) on the 3 butt targets to the left and right of the wall targets.  You will be throwing these on 3 consecutive targets. You cannot move to the next target until you complete the current one. You cannot change weapons until you complete the current weapon form.
  7. You must throw and retrieve at the same time as your opponent.
  8. Once you move to the 2 wall targets, you will throw only at your wall target only.
  9. All throws at the wall target in the first round will be at hard target CLOSE range (10 ft for axes and knives, 20 feet for spears).
  10. The first person to arrive at the wall target, will start on axe.  After axe they will throw knife and then spear.
  11. You will then alternate weapons forms in alphabetical order.  If both contestants arrive at the wall at different times, the second to arrive will pick up at the same weapons form as the first so that they are both throwing from the same distance with the same weapon.
  12. All plates are 1 point.  All bottles are 2 points.  Every individual can is 3 points.
  13. The black bars represent shelves that those items are sitting on.  If you cut the bar in any way on your throw, the points will not count.  The hit on the plates, bottles and cans much be clear of any black bar.
  14. The current champions will identify that you have indeed hit the target and mark it. 
  15. If you hit an object (plate, bottle or can) and then hit it a second time, you lose the points for hitting that object and must hit it again in order to receive points for it.
  16. Objects can be hit in any order.  
  17. Once the 7 minutes are up, the current champions will add up the totals and the winner will move on.

The rules for the second round

  1. Same for round 1 except.
    1. All throws are from 20ft (Axe, Knife) and 25ft (spear)

The rules for the semi-finals

During a conversation with Syr Cedric of Thanet, he voiced an opinion that a Skee Ball Tournament would be amazing.  He thought he could easily do it with spears. Instead, we are going to do it with all weapons forms, but with a twist.  Distance will change your point values. This tournament is the definition of risk vs. reward.

  1. The further away you throw, the larger the multiplier on your target.  20 ft is the minimum distance in the semi-finals. These throws are worth the value on the target times 1.  30 feet is the value on the target, times 1.5. 40 feet is times 2. 50 times 3, 60 times 4. This will increase by 1 point for every 10 feet.  I will measure as far as you want to throw, up to the range limit.
  2. Most Skee Ball machines have 10 balls in them.  You will have 10 throws each of axes, knives and spears.  Spear targets will be set in rope, on the ground, 10 ft. behind the wall targets.
  3. Higher seed will have the choice to go first or second.  Throws will alternate from there.
  4. You may have a spotter or spotters tell you how the weapon landed on the board, whether or not you have over or under rotated.
  5. You may have someone or more than one person fetch your weapons for you so you do not lose your foot placement.
  6. Scores will be added and shown in real time to allow for throwers to change locations in order to catch up.
  7. Higher seed has the choice of either which lane they would like or to go first/last.  Lower seed then chooses the choice not chosen.
  8. If you break the line between point values, you get the higher point value.

Rules for the Finals

  1. The starting point will be the 30.
  2. Points are reset.
  3. Distance multipliers are 30ft = 1, 40ft = 2, 50ft=3 and so on.  I will measure as far as you want to throw. Each 10 foot increment is another multiplier.