Mistress Bess Darnley Reporting

On the first of June, Their Majesties graciously travelled to the Barony of Ruantallan to visit, as well as oversee the Tir Mara Rattan Championships, and help decide the Tir Mara A&S Champions.

Hugh and Spurius in the finals – photo by Lady Eufemme (Julie Gray)

At the end of the good day of chivalric fighting, Lord Hugh of Ruantallan was victorious over Spurius Genucius Rutilus in the finals to win the honour of Tir Mara’s Prince’s Champion.

In court Her Majesty announced that, with consultation of Their Royal Highnesses, m’lady Alex the 4th of Ruantallan, would be recognized as the Princess’ Champion.

The tourney had a nice mix of seasoned and novice fighters participating and Her Majesty gave everyone who entered her favour.

Lady Delyth is called into Court photo by Lady Eufemme (Julie Gray)

The Arts and Sciences did not have a lot of entries but what was entered was of the high quality we expect to see in Tir Mara. After judging and, again, with consultation with Their Highnesses Tir Mara, a winner was decided and Lady Delyth ferch Aeron was made Princess’ Champion of A&S for Tir Mara.  His Majesty then called for HL Mary Elizabeth Ryan, and He announced her as Prince’s Champion for A&S for Tir Mara.   Following the transfer of regalia to the new recipients, the remaining participants were called into court and Her Majesty gifted each with Her favour.

Lady Delyth’s Entry – photo by Bess Darnley

HL Mary Elizabeth’s entry – photo by Bess Darnley