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This weekend is King’s and Queen’s Thrown Weapons Championship, hosted by Southern Region War Camp and Baronial Investiture in Barony of Carillon, and current Champions Matteo Genovese and Thorormr Barnakarl.  We are happy to present a very challenging head to head tournament that hopefully will be fun for all.  The schedule for the tournament is as follows:

Qualifying – site opens at 5pm Friday.  Qualifying can take place from 5pm until dark, and again from 9am Saturday until noon.  Qualifying rules will be given when people are on site and ready to qualify.  Contestants will be given 3 chances to throw Qualifying Rounds.  We will take the 16 best scores into the first round of the Tournament.  In the case of any tie, we will use the last Royal Round averages (May 25, 2019) to break the tie.

Tournament – will begin at 1pm, or when the King and Queen are available or they authorize us to start.  The tournament will consist of the top 16 qualifiers facing off head to head in a single round to determine the victor.  Winner moves on to the next round, loser is out of the tournament.  First two rounds will be similar.  The semi-final and final will be completely different targets and objectives.

Come out to the tournament and cheer on your favorite contestant.  Help us cheer on the future Thrown Weapons Champions of the East.  Come enjoy our yearly test to determine who will lead us at Pennsic and throughout the year.

Southern Region War Camp Event Details