On May 11, the Barony of Carolingia hosted an event called Otter’s Welcome.  The event is in memory of the late Rose Otter, who was well known for her warm personality and hospitality towards newcomers.  The event included fencing, fighting, thrown weapons, combat and target archery, as well as a family point with a variety of classes.  Those interested in Arts and Sciences got a chance to try their hand at calligraphy, wood carving, and narrowwork, as well as several other hands-on demonstrations.  The event also included a dayboard with researched recipes, court, and dancing.

Event steward Kira of Carolingia was inspired by the first Otter’s Welcome, and said “As autocrats, we not only get to experience the Dream, but make that come alive for others. Arngeirr and I want to thank everyone for helping to make that Dream come alive for us and for all the newcomers who came out today!”

Queen Fortune gave tokens to the many newcomers.