Photo by: Clay Patrick McBride




East Kingdom College of Heralds


Court Report


Being the Court of Their Majesties/Their Excellencies
held on 4/27/2019
in the Barony of Dragonship Haven
at Balfar’s Challenge
Court Heralds: Zhigmun’ Czypsser, Malcolm Bowman
Reporting Herald: Zhigmun’ Czypsser


Order SCA Name Award C&I
1 Onryo of Iron Bog Silver Tyger Tola knitýr
2 Muireadhach O Cuileannain Silver Tyger Onora ingheann Ui Rauirc
3 Bregowine of Horseheath OTC Cassius (Pontianus)
4 Pandarus, aka Panda OTC Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforn
5 Midir of Quintavia Silver Rapier Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova
6 Theobald Kendric Silver Tyger No scroll, given on the field
7 Bella di Sicilia AoA Gillianne de Solis
8 Katerina Falconer de Lanark Silver Brooch Aaradyn Ghyoot
9 Anne de Basillon Silver Brooch Heather Rose de Gordoun


Order SCA Name Award C&I
10 Hrothgar of An Dubhaigeainn Silver Mantle Violet Hughes and Fiona the Volatile
11 Onóra ingheainn Uí Rauric Silver Crescent Christiana Crane and Brennan mac Fearghus
12 Euric Germanicus Chivalry Onora ingheann Ui Rauirc
13 Llewellyn Walsh Order of Defense Vettorio Antonello
  Timbrien ran the the childrens box

Tokens were given to newcomers


Her Royal Majesty set forth a challenge to the armored combatants of the East, to bring their honor, chivalry and best efforts to the list field that she may appoint a Queens Champion of Armored combat, until such time the next armored champion tournament will be held. Having witnessed the days festivities, and conferred with the Companions of the Order of the Rose present that day, did she bestow the honor of Queens Armored Champion upon one such gentile, The Honorable Lord Duarcaín MacWard.