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Cover of the Spring Crown Tourney Field GuideMistress Christiana Crane, along with her team (listed below), announced today that the Spring Crown Tournament Field Guide is now available.

View or download the Guide via Google Docs, or via Facebook.

The Field Guide contains a complete list of all the Spring Crown Tournament combatants and consorts (in order of precedence), as well as their photos and images of their arms. Mistress Christiana has been creating the Guide since 2016, in an effort to help citizens of the East better get to know their potential future monarchs.

Layout & Design by Mistress Christiana Crane; French Translation & Edits by Baroness Leana Doucet & Baroness Kirsa Oyutai. Additional assistance and proofreading provided by Master Rowen Cloteworthy, Baroness Leana Doucet, Baroness Kirsa Oyutai and Lady Wynefryd Bredhers.

This is an unofficial guide and is in no way organized or endorsed by the East Kingdom or SCA Inc. This is done entirely as a fan publication and a service to those attending the Crown Tourney. Please contact Mistress Christiana with any comments, questions or concerns.