badge HeraldThere was a touch of unexpected snow the morning of March 23rd, A.S. LIII, known in the common era as 2019.  Still, Their Majesties, Wilhelm and Vienna arrived to join the many others who had come from near and far to enjoy Black Rose Ball, and the Investiture of Barony of the Bridge’s newest Baroness.

First court of the day began with welcoming Ulric von der Insel and Clotilde von der Insel to hold their last court as Baron and Baroness of the Bridge.  Once they had concluded what business they had, they were called before Their Majesties.  With heartfelt thanks Their Majesties spoke of all these two had done, and promised a basket of goodies to them later in the day.   Next Ulric von der Insel received a beautiful thank you scroll made by Perronnelle de Croy and Thyra Eiriksdottir, and Clotilde von der Insel received a beautiful thank you scroll made by Harold von Auerbach and Caremlina da Vicari.  Their Majesties took the coronets from Ulric and Clothilde and bade Their Herald to call for the next Baroness of the Bridge.  The Herald called for Avelina Keys and she did approach the dais and kneel before her King and Queen.  Queen Vienna now spoke of how thunderous the cry was that Avelina be this barony’s next leader, and how much joy this gave Them both to do.  With a coronet made for her by Olaf placed upon her head, and fealty sworn, Avelina arose, the newest Baroness of the Bridge.

Their Majesties called Lady Amia Turner and Baron Steffan ap Kennydd of Sliverwing forward now, for They had been told that these two gentles had business with this court.  First Lady Amia spoke of all that Clothilde von der Insel had done for the people of Barony of the Bridge, all the offices she had held over the years, and all that she had taught them.  Then Baron Steffan begged a boon on behalf of the Order of the Pelican, that Their Majesties might know that they believed their company was incomplete without Clothilde’s presence.  King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna called forward Their Order of the Pelican, and then drew Clothilde through their numbers to stand before Them.  Their Majesties asked her if she would join the order, and once she had taken a good look around her, she agreed.  With an embroidered applique of a Pelican, to add to her existing cloak, and some of the words from her scroll spoken by her very husband (the scroll had been a bit delayed by the morning’s snow) Clothilde found herself not only the most recently past Baroness of the Bridge, but also the newest companion of the Order of the Pelican.

While the Order was present and still greeting Clothilde, Their Majesties noted that there was another who was missing from their numbers.  The herald called for Cateline la Broderesse, that she come kneel before the King and Queen.  Once she was settled, a rather startled look upon her face, Her Majesty spoke about how Cateline had recorded so much of our Kingdom’s history, how she had clothed so many of our Kingdom’s people, about how she embroidered ‘faster than the speed of light’,  and about how she always says “let me help.”  That these are among the reasons why They wanted her to go sit and think about what she’d done, and contemplate in vigil whether she would accept elevation to Peerage as a Pelican.  With that the Order swept her away.

The next name the Herald called was Agnes Marie de Calais, or one that might speak for her, as it was rumored that she could not be in attendance this day.  New Baroness Avelina came forward on Agnes’s behalf.  Her Majesty spoke of the how impressed She had been with Agnes at King and Queen’s Bardic, and that She wished to include her now in Their Order of the Troubadour.  Queen Vienna placed a silver cup in Avelina’s hands, to bring to Agnes that she know of her inclusion in the order.

Now the herald called for Omelan the Left, and he did come forward.  Their Majesties spoke to him of all the work he had done for the archery community, and how often he marshals, that others might enjoy the activity.  They would see him made a Baron of Their Court this day – and so with a scroll made for him by Shoshana Gryffyth, Nichola Beese of Aethelmaerc  and  Ryan MacWhyte, was it done.

Their Majesties were prepared to suspended Their court that all might enjoy the afternoon now, but asked first if Baroness Avelina had anything she might like to say.  She mentioned that the Barony was considering using this same site for an All Guilds event in September of 2020, and asked that as people walked around the site, they consider the various areas available and the various guilds they might be involved in and start to formulate plans for participating.

With that, Court was suspended and the day commenced.

Once the afternoon meal had been consumed, Their Majesties bade Their herald reopen Their Court.  First they had some business left over from the morning to conclude.  As was Their custom, the King and Queen gifted the new Baroness with two sets of feast gear, that the Barony might have some to loan to new participants when they came.  They also gave Baroness Avelina a basket of goodies to help her adjust to her new position, and then called Ulric andClothilde forward once again, that they might receive their promised basket of goodies.

As the scroll for Clothilde elevation to Pelican had arrived – next Their Majesties bade Their Herald to read the words in full, and presented the beautiful scroll that had been created for her by Lada Monguligin.

Now King Wilhelm called Drake Oranwood forward, for He had heard tell that there was yet another song based on the muse named ABBA.  Drake instructed all those present on precisely how to clap that he be properly accompanied – and then launched into a tune that had been truly inspired by “Take a Chance on Me”.  Once he had finished, King Wilhelm called him close- and praised him for so thoroughly embracing the fun that had been suggested by His declaration that ABBA is Period.  For this, His Majesty would have Drake receive his Cypher.

Now His Majesty noted, it was time for the Eastern tradition of the toy box.  He recalled aloud that Her Highness, Fortune, had mentioned that she had someone in mind – and Her Highness did indeed.  For she takes her job of making dreams come true very seriously, and she was quite certain that just the week before Talan ap Gueiluirth had mentioned his dream of running with the toy box.  And thus, Talan was “sacrificed” to the children, that their joy might be witnessed by all.

Sibell La Fae was the name next cried by the herald.  For all the work done by this gentle in Ravensbridge and at Ravensbridge Yule in particular, the Order of the Silver Wheel would have Sibell added.  Once the order was called forward, a scroll by Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforn and Edmund Bennett was read to commemorate the moment, and a medallion placed ‘round Sibell’s neck.

While the order was there, another would be added.  John Carpenter would hear his name, and come forward.  Again a gentle from Ravensbridge who spent time helping others, this time archers and fighters reaping the benefits.  A scroll made for him by Marian Kirkpatrick and Aleksei Dmitriev was read, and a medallion given, and it was so that John became a companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel.

Another from Ravensbridge would Their Majesties have before them now, one Naemir Eriksson.  Food was his service, and the King spoke of how near and dear that was to Him.  Then with a beautiful papercut scroll by Ciaran ua Meic Thire and a medallion as well, Naemir became a companion of the Silver Wheel as well.

There was one last gentle that Their Majesties felt must be added to the Order of the Silver Wheel this day.  For Sarant the Myopic’s service to the Barony of the Bridge had been so for many years.  A dance-master since the 1980’s and once a vicar as well.  A scroll for him by Aesilif Hoarrkona and one final medallion – and for today at least, The King and Queen felt this order complete.

Now Her Majesty drew forward Aurelia Stellari, and her daughter Francesca.  She spoke of how incredibly helpful these two ladies were.  From making sashes for all Her Ladies-in-waiting, to serving as such themselves.  Queen Vienna would give to them Her Award of Esteem, that all might know of Her gratitude.

King Wilhelm had the Herald call forward Andreiko Eferiev next.  For He had heard tell there was ANOTHER song inspired by the great bard ABBA for enjoyment this day.  Andreiko came forward with the lute player Udalrich Schermer, and together they offered a song clearly inspired by “Does Your Mother Know”.  Once they had finished their piece, The King pressed tokens for His Award of Esteem into their hands, that they know how greatly He treasured the gift of joyful music they had brought.

The Queen herself now stood, and asked that any present at their first, second or third event come forward.  Once the goodly number were gathered before her, she gifted each a mug, and then bade all those present that they look for those who are new among us, and show them the famous Eastern hospitality, by ensuring that their mugs never go empty.

The Herald next called forward Grimolfr Skulason and Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya, called Raven.  As they knelt before their King and Queen, Queen Vienna spoke of how She did not know them well when the reign began, but that She would now call them Family, for all that they had done over the course of those many months.  Further, She would give them each Her Award of Esteem, that it be clear to all the value She saw in them both.

Next to hear his name, was one clearly surprised Ríán Mac Faoitigh.  His Majesty spoke of this gentle’s skill with tiny flying sticks, of how many times He, Himself, had been felled by such tiny flying sticks, and he wished to commend Ríán officially on his archery skill.  The Herald called for the Order of the Silver Mantle, that this small order might be increased by one this day.  There was a scroll by Camille des Jardins, Anna Mickel von Salm, and Violet Hughes, as well as a medallion from his lady-wife to mark his inclusion.

Their Majesties called for Their Order of the Silver Crescent now.  Noting how nothing would be done within our Society without these people.  Then the herald called the name of Thomas de Marr, that he present himself before his King and Queen.  Thomas had done many things, from Youth Combat Marshal, to helping to build weapons and armor, to being seneschal of his canton, and Their Majesties would see him included in this Order today.  Audrye Beneyt, Alexandre St. Pieerre, and Aneleda Falconbridge had conspired to create a beautiful scroll for him, and along with a medallion from Their Majesties, he was indeed a companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent.

Before the order could depart however, word had to be sent to the kitchens.  For there was another who King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna would see made a companion of the order this day.  And she could not be found in the hall, but instead was found in the kitchens, continuing to help as she always did.  Amia Turner was brought forth – and once Her Majesty had commented on Amia’s long tenure as Seneschal, and soon to be new position with the Barony, a scroll by Faolán an Sccreccain was read, and a medallion placed around her neck, and the Order of the Silver Crescent had another companion.

Her Majesty now took a moment to thank all of the event staff, and to remark on how wonderful the day had been, and how enjoyable she was certain the ball that evening would be.

But there was one more piece of business that Their Majesties must attend to before the ball could commence.

The herald called for Cateline la Broderesse, that Their Majesties might have the answer to the question They had asked her that very morning.  Once she was standing before King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna, they called her Peer,Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, that he might take her protégé belt back, and allow her to kneel freely before Them and answer Their question.  Once it had been established that her answer was yes, she would accept this accolade,  Their Majesties called for Their Order of the Pelican to surround her, and then for a member of the  order of the Chivalry to speak for her.  Torrin O’Cuin claimed that right, and spoke of duty and loyalty being a way of showing love, which is what he sees from Cateline in all she does.  Next Their Majesties called for a member of the Order of the Laurel to speak.  It was Briony of Chatham who came forward, and spoke of how incredibly mingled this candidates art and service were.  Next The King and Queen called for a member of the Order of Defense to speak.  Donovan Shinnock claimed that right, and spoke of how one is always just seeing Cateline doing, doing everything that needs doing.  Next called for was a member of the Order of the Rose.   It was Marieke van de Dal who came forward now, she spoke about how the words she heard most from Cateline were “what can I do to help”.  Finally Their Majesties called for a member of the Order of the Pelican to speak for Cateline.  Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen read the words sent by Qadagin-u Jajiradai, called Jaji about all the years he had known Cateline and how very worthy he found her.  Her Majesty next spoke, with tears in her eyes, of all the many things Cateline does and about how very much it adds to the experience of others.  Then, Cateline was presented with a medallion, an apron, a strand of Viking beads, a cap that included a pelican applique taken from Ernst’s own cloak, a ring, and a cornet, and finally a stained glass scroll created just for her by Conor o Ceallaigh in a frame made by Mongu Chinua. Now with Their Majesties word, Cateline la Broderesse became a companion of the Order of the Pelican, and did swear fealty to her King and Queen.

All the formal business concluded, Their Majesties announced that the next Baron and Baroness of Smoking Rocks would be Fergus Redmead and Sabina Luttrell.  They also encouraged everyone who would be attending Mudthaw the following weekend to consider making a favor for one of the Youth Fighters participating in the tournament there.

With that Court was closed, and all moved on to their evening’s entertainments.

Court Heralds were Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Audrye Beneyt, Marian Kirkpatrick, Aaradyn Ghyoot, Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, Malcolm Bowman and Silent Herald: Lorita de Siena.

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.
Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah