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Sir Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus brings us information about scribes of the East and how to help them continue to make individualized masterpieces. Please contact Sir Edward through Facebook message to his mundane name (Edward Kurasz) for more information.

Good Morning wonderful people of the East, 

I would love to take a minute and thank and recognize all the scribes out there. We just had one of our largest events, are you aware of all the scrolls that went out at Birka? With event season about to come into full effect with the wonders of spring, thinkabout all the scrolls about to go out.

We of the East Kingdom are extra privileged, A wonderful scroll is created for almost every award or piece of business conductedduring courts. 

We have many wonderful new scribes who have jumped up to help meet these challenges, if you or someone you know who might be interested, you would be more then welcomed. Many Kingdoms don’t offer this.

Scribes spend countless hours, days, and weeks preparing, drafting, and creating wonderful pieces of art that only a few people will ever see. Although Scribes do get a certain high, hearing the OOOOss and AAHHHHHss when the scroll is shown during court, many scribes never see their work go out.Those shinny bits and pieces, Scribes pay out of their own pocket to make scrolls, scroll paper/ vellum, paints, brushes, inks, calligraphy pens, and Gold and Silver, Yes!! Real Gold and Silver are added….

Folks often send out thank you notes and emails, but have you ever thought of how you could show your appreciation? Some people have offered donations of crafts, gifts, or other ways of appreciation “No Money Please! The Scribes often get together for meetings, classes to improve their skill, and other functions. We have organized a Scribe chest for gifts…and nobody wants to see a running of the scribes…that would just be ugly. If you would like to donate or help out, please feel free to contact me, or stop by and see me or other Signet officers at an events. 

I am acting as the fundraising Deputy for the Signet. 

Thank you again Scribes

Sir Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus