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Greetings from the Webministry of the East Kingdom!

As a bit of fallout from the recent… excitement concerning discussions on Facebook, it was decided that we needed to resurrect the concept of a Kingdom mailing list. On further discussion, it was decided that we actually needed two: one for announcements, one for discussion.

The announce list is locked down pretty tight at the moment, only the Great Officers of State and the Royalty can send announcements to it directly, everyone else who tries will be moderated. It is possible that list will grow slightly, but I doubt it will grow much. To sign up:


The discussion list is pretty unrestricted, and we would like to keep it that way. Currently, we have no active moderation controls in place, please do not make us put them in. The risk with a list such as this is the same as the risk on Facebook: behind the protection of keyboard and screen, courtesy seems to … wane. Remember that this is a society founded upon Chivalry and Courtesy when you post, please.


In either case, just click the “Join Group”. If you’re already logged in to a GMail account, East Kingdom or otherwise, it will sign that account up for the lists.

The discuss list is also configured to allow access as a web forum, located at the same URL I gave above for signing up.

Apologies that this took a couple days, we wanted to get it right before we released it to the public. Here’s hoping we did.