Following please find the missive I received from Master Rowen Cloteworthy, who witnessed
Their Majesties court at St. Eligius in my absence.
~Treannah, Vox Regis

On a clear, crisp morning, the 10th of November, Anno Societatis LIII, being reckoned 2018 of
the Common Era, Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna joined their home Barony of Dragonship
Haven in a celebration of the arts and sciences in honor of Saint Eligius.

In the afternoon, Their Majesties held Court. First, König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna
exchanged gifts with Their Excellencies Dragonship Haven, Joseph and Brose. Their Majesties
offered gifts of fine cloth and beverage and Their Excellencies in return gave Her Majesty a
mirrored ball in recognition of the band of minstrels called ABBA and His Majesty an enormous
beer stein.

Captain Elias Gedney then presented to König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna a gift of tokens,
coins stamped with Their initials for Their use as They deemed fit. Their Majesties thanked him
for his generosity.

Gifting concluded, the Crown then announced that Duchess Avelina Keyes was the Heir to the
Barony of the Bridge and would take her seat on March 23rd at Black Rose Ball and Baronial

Their Majesties then spoke of the wonderful calligraphy, illumination, and bookbinding they saw
exhibited in the competition and called for the maker, Lady Carmellina de Vacarri to come
before Them. Lady Carmellina was gifted a Golden Lyre for her skills.

The Crown then summoned Damhin Mac Ronain. They spoke of his skill at armored combat and
thrown weapons and that They and Their predecessors wished it known that he was
accomplished in such things. Their Majesties then Awarded Arms to Damhin, dated to the Last
Court of Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III on September 29, A.S. LIII. In recognition of this, there
was a scroll presenting with calligraphy and illumination by the Honorable Lady Mairi
Crawford, with words penned by Lord Edmund Beneyt.

König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna called forward the children of the East and, as has become
tradition, offered them up a sacrifice in the form of the Honorable Lord Antonius Blandus, who
ran ahead of the pack with a chest full of toys, though he was brought low at the end of the

Her Majesty also offered a token of a ring from Her hand to a young gentle named Ruby, who
had made toys for the box to be shared with others.

Cristina Volpina was summoned and Their Majesties spoke of her work with textile dyeing and
her research into recipes for dyes and also her work bringing indigo vats to demos to encourage
hands-on participation. In recognition of these works, Cristina was Awarded Arms and given a
scroll commemorating this, crafted by Baroness Emma Makilmone.

The Crown called for all those newcomers to the Society and offered to them small gifts that
they might remember their visit and to encourage them to return to our halls again in the future.

Their Majesties next called for Hans Ferdinand Engle, though he was not in the hall. In his
absence, Don Christoffel d’Allaines-sur-Comte came forward. The Crown spoke of Hans’ skill
as a fencer and his service as Thrown Weapons Champion for the Barony of Dragonship Haven
and Awarded him Arms. Don Christoffel was asked to present to Lord Hans a scroll prepared by
the Honorable Lady Ommadan inigena Ru in recognition of this.

Gerhardt von Hohensee was requested to attend the Crown. Their Majesties spoke of his skill as
a fencer, his studies of Fabris and his teaching, and his time as Baronial Fencing Champion. To
reward such skill and service, Gerhardt was named a Companion of the Order of the Silver
Rapier. He was given a scroll created by Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova and a medallion
by Don Lucien de Wyntere.

Next, Agnes Marie de Calais was summoned. König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna spoke of her
work as an armored combatant and water bearer and her works with the children’s initiative.
Finding these worthy accomplishments, They named her a Lady of the Court and Awarded her
Arms. This recognition was recorded on a scroll with calligraphy and illumination by Master
Aleksei Dmitriev with words by Madame Perronnelle de Croy.

At the herald’s call, Amalie von Hohensee presented herself to the Crown. Their Majesties spoke
of her skill at creating garments, her skill as a journeyman in Athena’s Thimble, and her talent at
the harp. They then called for Their Order of the Silver Brooch and named her a Companion
thereof, presenting her with a document confirming this prepared by Lady Millicent Rowan.

Their Majesties wished to thank some of the many people who staffed Their Coronation. They
called for Mistress Temair ingen Muiredaich, Baron Agapios Cargos, Don Llewellyn Walsh,
Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber, Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai called Jaji, Mistress Juliana von

Altenfeld, Mistress Annetje van Woerden, and Lady Sarrah Byrd and unto each of them
bestowed the Award of the Burdened Tyger and tokens in recognition.

The event stewards, Lady Aelfwyn of Dragonship Haven and Baroness Catalina de Valencia,
were called forward and thanked by Their Majesties for their work organizing the event. They
were given tokens, rings, from the hand of Königin Vienna.

The Crown then called for the Honorable Holt Kincaid. Her Majesty spoke emotionally about
Her experiences with Holt, how the young Vienna became her friend in the SCA, welcoming
Holt and her family with a place to sit at one of their first events. Holt replied later that this
welcoming gesture made her come back and stay in the Society and that she would be forever
grateful. Königin Vienna spoke of Holt’s service to her Barony, to the youth program, and to
combat archery. König Wilhelm the said that he recalled Holt saying if she ever got a scroll from
him, that she hoped it would be in crayon. His Majesty complied with this request, offering her a
scroll that He had colored with crayon himself. Their Majesties then reached for a coronet and
placed it upon her head and named Holt a Baroness of Their Court and gave her a much more
formal scroll, done without crayon, created by Master Vettorio Antonello.
Next, The Majesties called for Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan. They praised her art and skill,
and spoke of how she had created so much for so long. His Majesty added that he had been
"kicked out" of museums for getting too close trying to take pictures Ysabella had requested. In
recognition of her art, the Crown called for Their Ancient and Noble Order of the Laurel and
presented Ysabella a Writ, to be answered at a later date, asking if she would take her place
among that Order. The Writ itself was created by Königin Vienna. The Order took Ysabella
away, that she might begin her contemplation.

Their Majesties then asked if there were any final words from the dias. Baron Joseph and
Baroness Brose both thanked everyone for attending the day. Königin Vienna said that They felt
very supported in Dragonship Haven and that They felt much love there, as it was Their home.
The Crown then called for the kitchen staff and thanked them for the wonderful dayboard they
had provided.

Immediately before Court was to be concluded, Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai called Jaji came
forward and offered his fealty to Their Majesties, which they accepted and returned. There being
no further business, the Court of König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna was concluded.

These are the events of the Court as I recall them. My thanks to the heralds, retainers, guards,
staff, scribes, and all the artisans and others who attended the event and made it the fine day it
was. Long live the King! Long live the Queen! Long live the Kingdom of the East!

For Crown and College,
Pray know I remain,

– Master Rowen Cloteworthy