Greetings Good Gentles,
The St. Eligius A&S Competition is this coming Saturday, November 10. Please join us for a day of friendly competition in which artisans will be displaying their craft and skills in various mediums.
During the day, there will be a delectable dayboard including sweet and savory hand pies and assorted crudite. Following the closing of the competition at 4pm there will be a desert revel.
In addition to the competition there will be several work shops held including: a K&Q A&S rubric training session, an A&S consultation table, a viking wire weaving class, and an Athena’s Thimble panel.
Also, Baroness Brose would like to hold and moderate brief order meetings for the Order of the Silver Crescent and the Order of that Maunche where members can briefly discuss potential candidates for each respective Order.
Lastly, the Immanuel Lutheran Church actively collects canned food items for local food banks. Please feel free to bring a canned food item. We will collect them at gate and give them to the church.
We all look forward to seeing many of you this coming Saturday. Until then, best luck to all on their progress on their entries.
Yours in service,
Baroness Catalina de Valencia
Lady Aelfwyn of Dragonship Haven