The tournament to choose the heirs of König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna is beginning in the Barony of Endewearde.

The format will be standard double elimination up to the final 8. From there it will be best of 3 each round until the final 4, then best of 5 with the finals being best of 5 as well. The finals and the final 4 will be matched forms. The following is the list of the 41 combatants entering the lists:

Duke Randal of the Dark fighting for Duchess Katherine Stanhope
Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver fighting for Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo
Syr Cedric of Thanet (Combatant Couple) fighting for Mistress Mira Fionnbhar of Argyll
Sir Zhigmun’ Czypsser fighting for Baroness Leda Zipyos
Mistress Mira Fionnbhar of Argyll (Combatant Couple) fighting for Syr Cedric of Thanet
Master Estgar aet Hrofeceastre fighting for Baroness Katarzyna Gwozdz called Varju
Mistress Sylvia du Vey (Combatant Couple) fighting for Sir Ané du Vey
Master Ávaldr Valbjarnarson fighting for Mistress Eva Woderose
Sir Matthew D’Arden fighting for Mistress Fia Karmen
Master Tiberius Iulius Rufus Primus fighting for Lord Vopiscus Rufius Donatus
Sir Ané du Vey (Combatant Couple) fighting for Mistress Sylvia du Vey
Sir Harold Hawkinson fighting for Lady Oriana Volpe Della Octavia De Venezia
Sir William MacCrimmon fighting for Lady Susanna of Dragonship Haven
Master Richard Crowe fighting for Lady Ameria Browne
Sir Rory MacLellan fighting for Baroness Astridr Sigrun Ulfkelsdottir
THLord Sterling de la Rosa fighting for THLady Caitrina Gordon called Katya
Baron Wulfhere of Stonemarche fighting for Baroness Isabeau Du Valle
Baron Jozef Ludwiczak fighting for Lady Gwenlliana Vachan
THLord Thomas De Winterwade fighting for Lady Sara of Stonley
THLord Duarcaín MacWard fighting for Lady Catháin of Carolingia
THLord Gruffydd Abernathy fighting for Lady Admiranda Howard
THLord Spurius Genecuius Rutilus (Combatant Couple) fighting for Mistress Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys
THLord Vlad Iliescu fighting for Mistress Molly Schofield
THLord Ôzurr the Boot-Giver fighting for Baroness Fortune St Keyne
Baron Joachim Liechtenauwer fighting for THLady Ástríðr Musi
Lord Matthew MacGyver fighting for Baroness Lillian Stanhope
Lord Greadden Olthursun Veassellurd fighting for Lady Aesa Ormstunga called Jotunsbane
Lord Titus Claudius Silvanus fighting for Lady Anna Serena
Lady Embla Knutrdottir fighting for Lady Daniela Rosa da Venezia
Lord Bison of Thunder fighting for Lady Kate the Wicked
Nobilis Þórý Veðardóttir (Combatant Couple) fighting for Lord Damian Isolfsson
Lord Joshua Mustard fighting for Sarah Degroot
Lord Volmar Sollons fighting for Baroness Ilulia Baebiana
Lord Corwin Blackthorn fighting for Lady Ada Wright
Lord Nuttus Assingdone fighting for Eydís Óskadóttir
Lord Perley of Malagentia fighting for Lady Mary of the High Hills
Lord Thomas de Marr fighting for Lady Lijsbet van Catwiic
Madame Vivien de Valois fighting for Lady Catarina Dughall
Lord Damian Isolfsson (Combatant Couple) fighting for Nobilis Þórý Veðardóttir
Lord Conri Mac feargusa fighting for Muirgeal bera
Svafnir fighting for Lady Millicent Rowan


The Gazette thanks the MoLs running todays tournament.  Any mistakes belong to the Gazette staff.