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arms East PrinceThe following announcement is from Lady Audrye Beneyt, Event Steward for Saturday’s Crown Tournament in Endewearde: 

We will be moving the lists under the cover of Bennett Hall for Saturday’s Tournament.

What does this mean for combatants?

1. You will be dry. No wet fighters. No wet grass.
2. You will be fighting in concrete. I can’t do anything about that, unfortunately.

What does that mean for spectators?

1. You will be dry while watching the bouts.
2. You will be standing on concrete. Footwear is a thing.

What does this mean for everyone?

1. It will be loud. The barn is made of corrugated tin.
2. It will be cozy. You will be in tight quarters around the list fields. Please consider personal space when interacting with others.
3. Pavilions can still be set up outside of the barn on the field to use as a base of operations should you wish it.
4. We are going to have soooo much fun!!!

I love you all and and I can’t wait to see you!

Event Steward

Editor’s Note: Bennett Hall is a building at the event site, Camp Jordan. The address for the event remains the same: Camp Jordan 101 Camp Jordan Way Ellsworth, ME  04605