Preparations where all in place, the barony was ready and then on the morning of October 27th, A.S. LIII, known in the common era as 2018, Their Majesties, Wilhelm and Vienna arrived to join in the traditional celebrations of Concordia of the Snows, Bjorn’s Ceilidh event.

In morning court the current Baron Jean-Paul Ducass and current Baroness Lylie of Penhyll received gifts from the Honorable Company of Fermenters of the Barony of Concordia who then also gifted Their Majesties with a bottle of Buckwheat mead.  Then Jean-Paul Ducass and Lylie of Penhyll gave a gift to Their Majesties.  A large box, that certainly appeared heavy as Jean-Paul handed it to His Majesty Wilhelm.  As all assembled looked on, and wondered what could be within this plain box, Jean-Paul announced what was contained within – 100 medallions for each of the Silver level awards, made by Combat Medallions.  One Hundred Silver Brooch medallions, one hundred Silver Wheel medallions, one hundred Silver Tyger medallions and one hundred Silver Rapier medallions – quite a spectacular gift indeed!

As Their Majesties sought the right words to thank them for such a gift, the time to call both Jean-Paul Ducass and Lylie of Penhyll before Them arrived.  The Royal words of thanks for this gift, rolled into words of thanks for all these two gentles had done for the Barony of Concordia, and indeed, for the Kingdom.  Two beautiful scrolls by Onora ingheann Ui Rauire were read, further extolling the worth of these two extraordinary individuals.  Jean-Paul expressed a fear that there was perhaps someone assassinating Barons and Baronesses, and that they could not possibly continue on with that hanging over their heads.  And so it was decided, that Jean-Paul and Lylie would find peaceful relaxation at Their Majesties “farm” for retired Barons and Baronesses, in Their “Retired Baronage Program”, and off they went.  Thus it was necessary that the coronets of Concordia pass to new hands.  All the former Barons and Baronesses of Concordia where called forward – and the coronets were passed from hand to hand, until they returned to the King and Queen – and once the Herald had called forward Faolan an Sccreccain and Maria Erika von Ossenheim, the coronets were placed upon their heads, Investing them with the burdens and joys of seeing to the people and lands of Concordia of the Snows.

Though there was one last piece of business for attending to this morning.  Their Majesties called for Caine Ramsey to kneel before them.  There was to be a Quest for this man. The Queen seemed quite certain he had earned one, though truth be told, I don’t recall his offenses being enumerated (perhaps they are too heinous to share in gentle company?).  No, not one Quest – but 14 Quests for this man, The Queen declared.  Caine may have blanched a bit at this news, though it was clear he intended to remain steady.  Her Majesty did then soften a bit, and noted that through proper behavior and excellent execution of the earlier Quests, he might be able to reduce the number a bit.  Today She would assign the first of his many Quests.  He was to manage and oversee Her own Queen’s Guard this day.

With that it was time to suspend Their Majesties court so that the days’ festivities in honor of the new Baron and Baroness could commence.

Later in the afternoon,  as Their Majesties entered the hall for Their afternoon court, one of the East Kingdom’s most treasured bards, Drak Oranwood, performed music  he had prepared for Queen Vienna.  He had heard that The King greatly treasured the works of the bard called ABBA, and he had arranged some traditional music by this bard, with words he had written specifically for our most noble Eastern Queen.  As the chorus of “Vivat The Eastern Queen” (see ABBA’s original work called “Dancing Queen” for the proper melody) rang through the hall, and The Queen’s own guard danced behind her – Their Majesties entered the hall once again.

Faolan an Sccreccain and Maria Erika von Ossenheim first gifted Their Majesties with a basket of delicacies including coffee and lemon cello, and Their Majesties gifted the new Baron and Baroness with a spa basket and 2 new feast sets to give to newcomers, as was the tradition They had begun.  Their Majesties then suspended Their court so that Faolan and Maria might hold their first court.  As they proceeded through the business they had planned, they eventually called the former Baron and Baroness to stand with them at the dais, and together called Rhys Aiden Bifjord into their court to honor him.  As they finished, The King leapt to His feet, He had heard the words about this gentle, about decades of service, and was insistent that there must be further honors.  His Majesty’s herald reopened His court – and with His Queen at His side, they made Rhys Aiden Bifjord a Baron of Their Court, and placed a coronet upon his head, and promised him a glorious scroll to commemorate the day.

The Herald then suspended Their Majesties court once again, so that Baronial court of Concordia might continue.

Once all the Baronial business was concluded, the court of Their Majesties East was opened once again.  First called before them, former Baron of Concordia, Master George Emerson True, for he wished to swear his fealty to Them.  His fealty was followed by the fealty of Christoffel d’Allaines-sur-Comte, Seneschal of Dragonship Haven.  Once concluded, Their Majesties took this moment to announce that Dragonship Haven would next have a pair of Baronesses to lead them – as Mistress Renne Wyrm and Lady Rhode Kephalania were to soon hold this Barony for Their Majesties.

Their Majesties next invited all the newcomers among those assembled to come forward and accept a token, along with Their hopes that they would attend another event soon.

The herald then called for Matija Potocnik.  They spoke words about Matija’s skill with the rapier, and then had Their herald call forward the order of the Silver Rapier, for it was most definitely time to add Matija to their numbers.  With a medallion and a scroll by Faolan an Sccreccain  and Grimm the Skald, it was done.

His Majesty next spoke of the kingdom’s need for individuals who were fleet of foot, and before all the members of the order of the Silver Rapier could leave the hall, He called forward one known as Bobby Tights, though his right and proper name is Robert Tytes.  As Bobby came before the King, a great chest of toys was brought forth, and then Their Majesty’s herald did call for all the children present – there was a great amount of joy and laughter as all realized that Bobby’s fleet feet would quite soon be tested!  And run he did – out of the room and down the hall – with children of all sizes following quickly on his heels.

Next to be called before Their Majesties was  Amia Turner and the order of the Silver Brooch as well, because of her research into historic cooking, the scrolls she makes for her barony, as well as her involvement in Athena’s thimble, The Queen was adamant Amia be added to this order.  With a medallion passed on to her and a scroll by Marieta Charay, she was welcomed among their numbers.  But there was another who must be added.  The name of Concordia’s new Baroness was cried next, and as Maria Erika von Ossenheim came forward, there was a look of disbelief upon her face.  The Queen was quick to point out the beautiful garb Maria so often makes, including that which she was wearing this very day,  and how well deserving she was of being  made part of the order of the  Silver Brooch.  With a medallion and a scroll made for her by Malys MacGregor and Derek Fairhair, it was so.

Now the King called out for Anne de Basillon himself, not leaving this task to His herald.  She came forward, I think perhaps fearful that she was to face the same fate as her beloved Caine had in morning court.  The King however, began by listing all the many things she was doing – Chief of Staff for Concordia’s new Baron and Baroness, Event staff many times over, fencing marshal, Royal staff, Baronial officer, and now most recently a voice herald as well.  His Majesty acknowledged that it was not likely He could make her stop doing things (something about her resisting), and so instead He would reward her, by adding her to the ranks of His order of the Silver Crescent.  She was given the Blood Guard lineage medallion, and a lovely scroll made for her by Svea the Shortsighted, and thus it was done.

But before this order could retire to the back of the hall to welcome her, there was another name that greatly needed to be added to their roll.  Muirenn ingen Dunadaig heard her name cried out, and as she came forward there was great praise for all the many things that she has done as a herald for the people, the barony and indeed the Kingdom of the East, for she is the Blue Tyger Herald, the herald in charge of submissions for all of the East Kingdom.   The very herald reading her scroll, one Yehuda ben Moshe, took his own medallion off from around his neck, and passed it to Their Majesties to place around hers.   And then he read the words written for her by  Alys Mackyntoich from the scroll created for her by Chrestienne la pescheresse (called Bruni).

But one final piece of business to attend to before all assembled could go enjoy a great feast.  Concordia’s newly minted Baron now heard his name, Faolan an Sccreccain, cried out by Their Majesties herald.  The Queen spoke of the beautiful and plentiful scrolls that came from this man.  Then the King stepped forward, and told of a realization He had recently had while viewing some example of beautiful scrolls in the company of Royals from other lands.   Those other places are not as blessed as we are in the East, with scribes of such stunning skills. The art that Faolan and others produce sets the Eastern Kingdom apart from other places, and that is something we should be aware of, and which should be rewarded.  And so, Their Majesties order of the Maunche was called forward, and Faolan an Sccreccian was added to their numbers, with a medallion from Fiona O’Maille ó Chuan Coille, and a scroll written by Aislinn Chiabach, and created by  AEsa Sturladottir.

Their Majesties offered heartfelt thanks to all who had worked so very hard to make this beautiful day possible, and with that, closed Their court.

Court Heralds were Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah,  Anne de Basillon, Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, Yehuda ben Moshe, Agapios Cargos and Silent Herald: Lorita de Siena

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.
Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah