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On the 20th of October A.S. LIII, known in the common era as 2018, the radiant Queen of the East, Vienna de la Mer, travelled to the Shire of Owlsherst in order to attend Shire Wars VIII, the battle of Hastings.  As Her King had great trials that required His attention, it would fall to Her alone this day to see to Their people.

Early in the morning the Queen had Her herald call for all present to gather ‘round- for there was one thing that She simply could not wait to do.  At Her nod, the herald called one Kathryn Perry forward, and the Queen spoke of this woman’s phenomenal skill in making clothing and accessories of an Elizabethan type.  Then She bade Her herald to call for Her Order of the Laurel and once they drew near, the Queen playfully admonished Kathryn and instructed her to think about what she’d done while she sat in vigil this day.

Once this most urgent business was completed, and the Order had whisked Kathryn away to her vigil, The Queen was free for a while to enjoy the activities the people of Her Shire had arranged for the day.  There were Boat Battles on the Heavy Weapon field, list combat by dashing Rapier fighters, an Arts and Science Competition, children’s activities, a tasty day board to sample, something called Helga ball to play and one thing quite near and dear to Her Majesty’s heart – weapons to throw!

The day passed quickly and now resplendent in Her newest gown, Her Majesty began Her afternoon court.  She brought words from King Wilhelm, His regret that he could not be present this day, and assured all that He would be here as well if it had been possible. The next item She saw to was installing two additional members to Her Queen’s Guard, placing baldrics on the shoulders of Wulfgar Silfraharr and Hashisi Morikatzu and immediately setting them to work.

Two had made known their desire to swear their fealty this day.  First called by Her herald was Baron Rowen Cloteworthy, Baron of Bhakail, and he did so swear.  Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid, Kingdom Webminister, was the second welcomed before Her Majesty, and he too swore his fealty.

There were newcomers to welcome this day as well, with tokens from the Queen’s own hand and a few words of welcome, as well as hopes that they would be seen again soon.  Then Her Majesty would hear about the outcome of the day’s activities. Gerhardt Stormeclocke gave the outcome of the Thrown Weapons activity, Normans won 9 points to the Saxons 0.  Master Wulfgar of the Wood then gave the outcome of the War Lord Tourney & Boat Battles, telling all that the Normans had won this as well. Dorian Elvenwood spoke of the outcome of the Rapier lists – of 16 competitors, Melchior Kriebel had won the day.  Esmeria du Rus came forward and gave the outcome of the A&S competition and named Vonnotithy as winner.

It was clear that the time had come to give the children something to focus on in court.  A young lady named Freya volunteered to run with the toy box, rather than chase it. And run she did – up hill and over dale she went, with a stream of children, large and small, chasing close on her heels.  This well in hand, Her Majesty’s herald now called forward the Southern Region Rapier Commander, Eldrich Gaiman, who had requested a moment in Her Court. He spoke of a relatively new unit, called the Western Watch, with pride, telling of their perfect attendance at Pennsic battles.  He had gained permissions for them to muster under his own badge and felt they needed a banner – and now presented them with a beautiful silk banner that indeed, had his badge upon it.

Master Wulfgar was called forward again, for he had requested a moment in Her Majesty’s court as well.  He strode forward looking a touch confused, but once reminded that he had asked for this time, quickly gathered two beautiful painted wooden boxes made by their own Conall mac Taichlich and presented them to the Queen as gifts.

The Children had now returned from their wild chase – and it was time to hear about all the activities that they had participated in this day.  Widow Kait of the Kenders shared those details and awarded prizes to the winners, Arwen, Julianna and Rebecca.

Next to hear her name was Mordonna Mayfell  who has done much work at Pennsic and was just beginning to participate in local events.  She was made a Lady of the court and received a beautiful scroll done by Ellesbeth Donofrey, Jonathan Blaecstan and Elizabeth von Kalmbach.  Following this was business with Jenevieve Spillane, who was surprised when the order of the Silver Wheel was called to join her before The Queen.  For her a scroll by Palotzi Marti to commemorate her inclusion in this order. The order was asked to remain, as Count Ruslan was asked to join Her Majesty before the people gathered, and share with them details on some gentles whom he had brought most recently to the Queen’s attention.  First he spoke of Seamus mac Neachtain and his work commanding at Pennsic. Her Majesty agreed that he should join the order of the Silver Wheel and placed a medallion about his neck and promised him a scroll to come soon. Next Count Ruslan spoke of Elizabeth mac Neachtain and her work making hoods and mantles for the Southern arm, as well as her time spent hosting dinners at Pennsic for the Kingdom of Lochac.  This was an easy decision for Her Majesty, indeed this woman should be a member of the order as well. Slipping a Silver Wheel medallion over her head and promising a scroll to her as well, The Queen made it so.

Svana Vefa  was the next name Count Ruslan brought to Her Majesty’s attention.  Claiming her work documenting events with photographs, and her skill with card weaving and garb making surely made her an excellent addition to the Order of the Silver Brooch.  Her Majesty readily agreed here as well, and the order was called forward so that Svana could be added to it, with a medallion and another promise of a scroll.

Now Count Ruslan asked Her Majesty if she would consider some additions to Her Order of the Silver Tyger.  Speaking of the fighting skills of Black Douglas, Demitrius Alexandros’s 48 second capture of the banner at the woods battle at Pennsic, Toshihiro Kanjin, called Hiro’s great sword and polearm skills, and adding Dane of Owlsherst for his fighting skills as well to his list.  Her Majesty considered each and agreed that this order would benefit from their additions. But Count Ruslan had one more to add, and Her Majesty instructed those before her to move a bit to her left, so that Morgan Kendrick might join them before Her, and all could be added to the Order of the Silver Tyger, with a medallion for each and the promise of scrolls.  The order was sent to the back of court to greet so many new additions.

Count Ruslan was not yet done, for he had one more gentle in mind for Her Majesty’s consideration.  The order of the Silver Wheel was called back in (at this point a threat to beat Her herald may or may not have slipped from Her Majesty’s lips, but all is well and no beatings were necessary in the end.)  Count Ruslan spoke of Ntisa Farstrider and her work with Youth Combat and with the beautiful East Kingdom encampment at Pennsic, and as Her Majesty agreed, Ntisa was added to the order of the Silver Wheel with a medallion and the promise of a scroll.

It was now Pamela Wise who heard the herald call her name.  Queen Vienna spoke of how this gentle has worked as an Exchequer, and gave thanks that there were some who would do this work.  An Award of Arms acknowledged her contributions, with words read from a scroll by Tacus Malus Scriptorium, and the promise of the actual scroll to follow soon.  

Next Magdalena Gdanska was called before Her Majesty, and the order of the Silver Brooch  came forward as well, as The Queen spoke with her about her work researching Russian icons.  Again words were read, this time from a scroll still being created by Jan Janowicz Bogdanski.

Another Lady to add to Her Court, Her Majesty would see Nancy Allyn and discuss her contributions to the doll project for East Kingdom 50 Year.  With a beautiful scroll made by Shochana Gryffyth and Nicol mac Donnachaidh, it was done. But another gentle needed to be recognize for work on the same project, one Taryyk Geirbjourn.  He was called forward to kneel before his Queen and was made a Lord of Her court with a lovely scroll made by Mari Crawford and Edmund Beneyt.

Now Her Majesty would have Linette de Gallardon, Leonilla Kalista Kievlianina and Fabrisse before her.  For they had gentles who’s worth they wished to share. First they spoke of Orlaithe inn Voðfroli who was even the head cook at today’s event, and Her Majesty agreed, and Orlaithe was called from the kitchens to be added to the order of the Silver Wheel with a medallion and the promise of a scroll.

Sarra atte Brouk was now called forward and Linette, Kalista and Fabrisse spoke of her contributions to Arts and Science in the Southern region.  It was quickly decided by The Queen that she did indeed belong among the members of the order of the Silver Wheel as well, and a medallion was placed around her neck and yet another scroll promised.  One more name these three ladies claimed must be considered. Gerhardt Stormeclocke, they said, helps with thrown weapons and many other things, and so Her Majesty saw the wisdom in adding him as well to the order of the Silver Wheel.  Her Majesty placed a medallion around his neck and promised him a scroll would come.

Now, before Leonilla Kalista Kievlianina could slip away from her Majesty’s presence, the herald called her to come kneel before her Queen.  She had helped in court this day, was the Deputy Event Steward for the day, as well as helping the locals with many other things. How could Her Majesty not add her to her order of the Silver Wheel?  And so She did, with an apology for the scroll by Vettorio Antonelli to follow because the post had not arrived before Her Majesty had left to travel to today’s event.

Now Her Majesty’s herald called Mairi Crawford forward, and The Queen spoke of her work as a Youth Marshal, an Art and Science Minister, her help in kitchens and all the very many scrolls she contributes.  With a flourish, the order of the Silver Crescent was called forward, and Mairi was made a companion with not one, but three medallions and a beautiful scroll for her by Mariette de Bretagne.

There was but one piece of business left.  For Kathryn Perry had been sitting in Vigil since this morning.  The herald now called for her, and as musicians played she made her way before her Queen.  Words were shared by Master Wulfgar from Viscount Karl von Süssen, by Master Mael Eoin mac Echuid, by Master Thomas for Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina vnuchka, by Duchess Diana Alene Tregirtse and by Baroness Bronwen Rose of Greyling, all claiming that Kathryn Perry was, indeed, their peer.  With a golden wreath, a stunningly embroidered partlet made just for her, and Baroness Bronwen’s own medallion from her Master, as well as a hand stitched medallion from Rosie, she was made a Mistress of the Laurel, as words from a scroll made for her by Rhonwen Glyn Conwy were read.

While this concluded the business Her Majesty had, and Her court was then closed,  you may have noticed, gentle readers, many medallions indeed had been needed without notice this day.  It is thanks indeed to Baroness Bronwen Rose of Greyling, called Brose, for her gift to her Majesty just that afternoon of so many beautiful medallions was the only reason that all those so deserving were able to be gifted with one.

Court Heralds were Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah,  Rowen Cloteworthy and Leonilla Kalista Kievlianina.

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.
Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah