Tyger banner at Pennsic 42, photo by Baroness RainilltFrom His Majesty:

In all the heat and being hit in the head Saturday, I completely failed to add the announcement of our Kingdom’s unbelted champions for Pennsic to the court docket. I’m very sorry to keep everyone waiting for this announcement.
This team is very close to Caoilfhionn’s and my heart. We’re very proud of these folks and all those who trained and tested themselves against these fierce Tygers.
Thank you to our Captain Joachim for leading this band of killers.
This year’s unbelted melee battle will be 20 v 20.

Those champions are:
Joachim Liechtenauwer
Euric Germanicus
Özurr the bootgiver
Hashiji Morikatsu
Lambert D’Ogremont
Klaus von Wallachia
Micah of Brighton Manner
Talan ap Gueiluilrth
Reinhart Basarab Draculesti
Tiberius Nautius Maximus
Svend O’brien
Hassan Ibn Abd’ Al-Malik
Galbraith MacGowan
Hakan Al-Bashir
Luthor VonEisenfaust
Bergsveinn Hondbrotna
Katherine Du Pré of Coldwood
Vlad Iliescu
Angus Pembridge
Holev Disgratiov

Alternates, in no particular order,
Trentus Nubianus
Ulfr Hofhorr
Mathew MacGyver
Fearghus O’Conchobhair
Gavin MacKinnon
Duarcaín MacWard
Seamus Mac Neachtain
Brick James Beech
Gavin Von Abentrot
Ulfgeirr Ragnarsson
Sterling De La Rosa
Gaston Le Cordilier
Olaf Haraldson
Joseph Harcourt
Bran Finn Mac Aeda
Ikhlas Al-Chakib
Chiba Yoshitake
Josef Von Ulm
Vachir Arslanjin
Azim the scout
Alton Hewes