You could win one of these fabulous blue tygers!

Do you think you know the East Kingdom? Want to compete against other Easterners (or not Easterners) who think they do too? Come to the Hearth in the Town Center at the East Kingdom 50 Year event at 8 pm on Friday night for a trivia throw down about all things Eastern. Questions will be available in French as well as English.

Teams can be comprised of no more than eight people. To register, they must have a team name (the cleverer, the better). No phones will be allowed. Your memories and wit must be enough. Wit counts, because an extra point will be given during each of the five rounds for the funniest answer. Who decides what is funniest? The hostess of the Hearth, Baroness Margreta (formerly Baroness Rufinia), and your very charming master of ceremonies, Baron Jean de Montaigne.

Mistress Eloise of Coulter, a devious fountain of Eastern knowledge, researched and chose the questions. Don’t even think about bribing her. What does your team get if they win? Three plush blue tigers, a nifty certificate handmade by Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot testifying to your brilliance, and bragging rights. If the winning team achieves a perfect score, Eloise will provide a special prize. Start gathering your teams and register at the Hearth at 8pm. Spectators welcomed and encouraged.