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rubric (noun  ru·bric  \ ˈrü-brik , -ˌbrik \):  a guide listing specific criteria for grading or scoring academic papers, projects, or tests

In an attempt to familiarize more people with the scoring rubric used for the King’s & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champion competition (K&Q’s A&S), the office of the East Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (MOAS) will be holding workshops designed to give judges and artisans hands on practice using the rubric. Attendees at these sessions will assess a sample A&S project using the rubric, and then discuss their results and experience.

While these workshops are specifically designed to train judges so that the kingdom can achieve more consistent judging for the K&Q’s A&S competition in the future, this class can also greatly benefit artisans who can learn more about expectations for A&S competitions in the society by reviewing the rubric – so all are welcome and encouraged to attend these events!

The Ministry hopes to have more events (including online workshops) scheduled in the near future. Please note that the sessions below will be divided into two one hour parts, to allow those who can not stay the entire time to attend either part of the class.

*Wars of the Roses – Saturday 10-11am & 4-5pm
*East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration – Saturday, 3-5pm
*Pennsic War – Saturday August 4 from 5-7pm & Monday August 6 from 3-5pm

Judges: Please note that attendance at these sessions is *not* required to judge at K&Q’s A&S, but, we very much hope to have at least one judge who has attended a couple of these workshops on each judging team next year. If you intend to judge at this competition in the future, please make every effort to attend these or a future workshop session.

Artisans: Please also remember that the Kingdom A&S Consultation Tables can be another sources of help with your A&S projects. They are designed to not only provide general A&S advice, but also specific feedback about your projects using the kingdom rubric. If you have questions about these sessions please contact moas.consult@eastkingdom.org