The four combatants remaining in the tournament are as follows. Semi-final pairings will feature one combatant with no losses, and one combatant with one loss, and each round shall continue to be the best 2 of 3 passes. The combatant with no losses will need to win 1 round to advance. The combatant with a loss will need to win 2 rounds to advance. The semi-finals will be fought with matched weapons forms. The combatant with no losses will select the form for the first round. Should a second round be necessary, the weapons form for those 3 passes will be selected by the combatant with a loss.

Duke Randal of the Dark for the honor of Duchess Katherine Stanhope vs. Master Ávaldr Valbjarnarson for the honor of Mistress Eva Woderose (one loss)

Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke for the honor of Mistress Vienna de la Mer vs. Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver for the honor of Lady Gracia Vasquez de Trillo (one loss)

Special Thanks to Lord Martin Wasser Speier for reporting from Ruantallan. Any errors are on the part of the Gazette Editors, and not those sending us info. Special Thanks to the MoL for putting up with us.