In the lands of the Housatonic River, change comes slowly. Since the reign of Akbar II there have only been five barons and four baronesses Beyond the Mountain. Therefore when the coronet of the thirteenth oldest Barony in the Known World changes – a Barony older than all but four Kingdoms – it behooves the subjects of the East to take notice. Such transitions should be marked by pomp, and ceremony, and attended by signs in the heavens, so seldom do they transpire.

On the 19th of May, such a ceremony shall occur.Dorian and Eloise, having held the lands of the white oak in the King’s name for six years, will retire from the Housatonic thrones, and the coronet will change for only the fifth time in forty-six years.

Therefore, join us to celebrate the Investiture and acclamation of Lord Mark the Red Hand and Lady Gwenllian ferch Llewellyn ap Henry as the sixth Baron and fifth Baroness Beyond the Mountain!

There will be activities of all types to celebrate the occasion. For the martially inclined, there are many options. For heavy list, a “misfortunes of war” tournament (Are you feeling lucky? It all turns on what fortune you draw…) For the fencers – a cut and thrust tournament and a random forms tournament. Does your fancy run to ranged weapons? The archery tournament features targets from ten yards all the way out to eighty yards (Yes, I DID say eighty yards), with open shooting available. Thrown weapons? How could we have eighty yards worth of field and NOT have room for thrown weapons? There will be open throwing available.Come try it out!

Not feeling warlike? We have fun for you also !There will be games to play such as kubb, quoits, croquet, a palio race, and a May pole to dance!

And when the coronets, like the day have passed… the food! In honor of our new Baron and Baroness, Lady Sisuile Butler will be presenting us with a delectable feast, including that most traditional dish in the Barony Beyond the Mountain – cream of mustard soup.

Should I have just led with that? Let me say it again:

Mustard Soup.

Please join us for the day and the evening, and do honor to our new Baron and Baroness. In the land of steady habits, it will be many years before the opportunity arises again.