Hello to the Artisans of the East!

Greetings from the A&S warpoint team.

Queen Avelina, accompanied by Mistress Amy Webbe (East Kingdom Minster of Arts & Sciences), examines entries at the A&S War Point

We are looking for people who have the time and inclination to participate in the War Point at Pennsic this year.  Any artisan may apply to be considered, and we encourage people from all manner of disciplines. You are also free to apply regardless of what awards you have.  Our limitations for the contest are no research papers, performance arts, or cooking/brewing. If you are interested send a letter of intent to Raziya (details at end of this message).

After artisans apply, we will consider the applicants and put together a team that will give us the best chance of doing well.  We will need artisans in each of three categories, which are listed below.

1. Arts & Studio Crafts 3D

Armor, Beadwork, Ceramics, Glasswork, Lapidary, Metalworking, Musical Instruments, Scientific Devices, Siege Weapons, Weapon & Tool Making, Woodworking

2. Fiber & Clothing

Applied Beadwork, Costuming, Dying, Embroidery, Fiber Prep, Knitting, Knotwork, Lacework, Naalbinding, Needlework, Weaving, Spinning

3. Domestic, archaeology, lived objects

Animal Husbandry, Basket weaving, Bookbinding, Calligraphy, Drawing, Herbcraft & Apothecary,  Illumination, Leather working, Paper making, Perfuming, Soap Making, Toy making

It would help out the war effort a lot to have as many good applicants as possible.  We only have 10 positions available on the team and that number includes our allies, so although we would love to include everyone, we will be constructing a team that can put forth a competitive showing.  We need diversity within the team, so we are looking for at least a couple in each category.

If you would like to be considered, we are asking that you submit a letter of intent to Raziya (lizbird@gmail.com).  Please include the following information.  Please do not include photos, but link to them on a separate site.  Sample documentation is fine, but please embed it in the body of text, do not attach a document.

  • SCA Name, Mundane Name, Phone Number

  • A description of the work you would be doing for the competition.

  • Links to online examples of your work: blog, photo gallery, store, instagram…

  • List of places/dates you have displayed or competed with your work.

Other information you may want to have before you decide if you want to be considered.  
This Year’s Rules:

  • Entries will be MANNED, not anonymous.  This will great fun for getting to talk about cool A&S, HOWEVER it also means you must be able to attend second Thursday of Pennsic.

  • Entries will be a single substantial item pre 17th C, or a body of work consisting of related items that are connected to each other in a significant and meaningful way.  The body of work will be judged as a single item. If a body of work is from multiple disciplines, it should be of a consistent theme.

  • Judging will be done by a panel of judges and will be based on a rubric.

  • Entries must have been completed since Pennsic 46.

  • Entries must be actual objects, not a research paper, although entries will still need supporting research.  We will also not be able to have performance entries or food/brewing.

  • The display will be open to the populace.

  • Documentation, description, and category must be submitted by July 15.  Documentation may take any form so long as it contains information regarding the entry’s historical authenticity, context, creation & methods.  It may be written, graphic, pictorial or another format.

  • Non-English language documentation is allowed, but must be submitted by July 1st to allow for translation.

A final thought.  
I know a lot of you are probably hesitant to put yourselves forward.  The kingdom could really use your service, and it can be a really exciting thing.  There will be great opportunities to talk about the art that you love to an audience who is really interested.  The judging will be done in scheduled one hour blocks, and the rest of the time artisans will be free to talk to each other, talk to onlookers, and make new friends!  

We want to be able to present the best the East has to offer!

Hope to hear from you soon,

A&S Warpoint Team:

Mistress Raziya (General)
Mistress Agatha Wanderer (Lieutenant)
Master Philip (Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences)