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Greetings to the tourney heralds and list runners of the East and Tir Mara from Don Lucien de Wyntere, Troubadour Herald!

We have several events coming up in the next few months.

On Saturday, May 5th, there will be Crown Tourney in the Barony of Ruantallan in the Crown Principality of Tir Mara. We’ll need voice heralds for the lists plus list-runners and support for shield trees. If you think you’d like to help in either capacity, please reach out to me at Troubadour@EastKingdom.org. If you haven’t heralded or run lists before but would like to try, we will be happy to provide on-the-job training and support. We work with kids ages 8 and up for list running.

If you are a Crown Combatant or the artist for one, here is the link for how to make a device for the shield tree (Instructions Here)

Shortly after that, at Sommer Draw, June 1-3rd , will be the King’s and Queen’s Armored Champions Tourney in the Barony of Bergental. Again, we’re looking for both experienced heralds and list-runners and those who want to learn.

Please reach out to me at Troubadour@EastKingdom.org if you would like to help or want to learn. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the field!