THL Maggie O’Donnell, Water 1 for Pennsic War 47 is seeking applicants for the following positions: Water 2 and a second Water 3.

If you are interested or know of someone who is, please send an email to waterbearers@pennsicwar.org

Job Description for Pennsic Water Tent

Water #2

  • Help set up and/or tear down of water tent. This involve setting up the tables, setting up and connecting the water cow, running hoses, packing/ unpacking trailer, making sure we have enough supplies for the event.
  • During the battles water #2 is to help clean and fill the water jug to keep the stock going.  Changing the water in the tubs as needed.
  • Helping to distribute water onto the battlefield in preparation for the battles and between battles. This covers all battlefield activities.
  • Help distribute water to the archery and thrown weapons area.
  • Help to keep operations going when Water#1 is not at the tent.
  • Help collect empty water jugs from the battlefield as well as some trash.
  • Water #2 will be need to help open and close the water tent every day.
  • Learn what Water #1 duties are so Water #2 can take over for Water #1 in the following year, if possible.

Water # 3

  • ​Help clean and fill water jugs
  • ​Help gather empty water jugs
  • Change water as needed
  • ​Help distribute water and clean up
  • ​Will need to learn the job of Water #2 to take over for Water #2 the following year
Any assistance in locating suitable candidates is greatly appreciated.