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A message to the East Kingdom from His Highness, Brennan:

We love the tradition of the Toy Box. It’s my (and many people’s) favorite part of court. I wanted to take a minute to mention some of the ways that Their Majesties Ivan & Matilde (and many of our predecessors) have sought to make the toys available to all the kids and families of the Kingdom. We plan to continue these. Also, if you need additional accommodation, please just let a member of Caoilfhionn’s or my court know. We’ll do what we can to make sure every child that wants a toy gets a toy.

  • If you’re leaving early for a soccer game, or because a toddler is melting, hit us up early. Toys don’t need the full day to ripen. 🙂
  • If your child is unable to run with the velociraptor pack, please let us know. We’ll pull a toy, find a separate time for your child to choose one, or find a “human steed”.
  • If you have a little one at the back of the pack, don’t worry. The runner will eventually be brought down and will wait while everyone gets a pick.
  • If your kid is too young to run alone, but too old and cool to run with Mom or Dad, we can find an older kid or a member of Caoilfhionn’s Guard to be the cool cousin/uncle/aunt.

Please… let us know how you we can help, We can’t predict all the needs or who is in the crowd weekend to weekend. So please, Mohammed, come to the mountain. We’ll be waiting… with toys for all the Eastern kiddos.

Brennan Princeps