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A few announcements:
The following documents have been updated on the Society Seneschal website.

Society Seneschal Handbook – January 2018
Sanction Guide – January 2018

Both can be found here:

Copies of these documents are not allowed on any website other than sca.org and socsen.sca.org. You may link to those pages, but NO COPIES.

Please note the following policy located in the Society Seneschal’s Handbook, from the April 2017 BoD Meeting:

When a group rents Golf Carts, the SCA’s Golf Cart Insurance must be activated. The fee is $50.00 for this activation and may be subject to change as required by our insurance company. All other requirements set forth by the Corporate Office dealing with insurance apply including all pertinent late fees.

Another important portion of the Society Seneschal’s policy deals with trailers:

D. TRAILER INSURANCE All trailers, vehicles or watercraft purchased and owned by the SCA must be registered to the SCA group and must be insured by the SCA group at their own expense. The group must also send A COPY OF THAT REGISTRATION MUST BE SENT TO THE CORPORATE OFFICE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF REGISTERING SAID TRAILER ET AL. Do not register the group’s trailer in the name of an individual or an officer of the group. If a third party’s person or property is damaged as a result of an accident involving a trailer when being towed, the individual who is towing the trailer bears responsibility for liability when the trailer is in transit and should contact their insurance carrier. It is the responsibility of the seneschal of the group that owns the trailer to check to make sure that the tower/driver of said trailer has the appropriate motor vehicle liability insurance annually. Some groups own a trailer that is used for storage only, i.e. it never moves from the storage site. If the state authority requires said “stationary” trailer to be registered, the group is responsible to follow the procedure as outlined above, i.e. a copy of the registration must be forwarded to the corporate office within 30 days of registration.

Please contact me for acceptable insurance limits.

Please be sure to use your official email for all SCA business. Also, please make sure that you use my current email – seneschal@eastkingdom.org. Some are still using previous addresses for the Kingdom Seneschal.

Thank you.

Mistress Katherine Barr
East Kingdom Seneschal