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badge Webminister“Greetings once again from the Webministry of the East Kingdom!

It’s been a while since my last update on the migration of the mail services of the Kingdom to Google for Non-Profits, and much has happened in the interim. By the end of January 40 of 61 branches will be migrated, along with 7 entire Kingdom Offices out of 11.

Problem is we have nothing more to do. We still need responses to our request for information, as Her Majesty also pointed out a couple days ago. Please, if you are the Seneschal of a branch who has not already responded with a spreadsheet, we need that as soon as you can manage.

Also, it has been pointed out that the instructions that we are emailing out when your new accounts are created are not sufficient. Here’s what we have:


Accessing Your East Kingdom Email:

How to reset your password:

Setting your From: Address:

AND… literally all the documentation we have:

That includes how Webministers will need to handle these accounts and addresses moving forward, how to hand off an office (and all of that office’s email!) to a successor, how to use email clients other than GMail’s app, mailing lists, and some tips on advanced email handling in GMail.

Many, many hours have been put into writing these documents by actual professional technical writers, please read them, we’re fairly sure they will answer every question you might have.

In Service,
Joel Messerer
East Kingdom Deputy Webminister for Services”