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Ten years ago the East Kingdom replaced the gates to the Royal Encampment at Pennsic with a completely new design featuring two round pavilions with a shade fly connecting them, creating a sheltered path for visitors to enter.  At that time a fundraiser was held to help defray the cost of the new gate, in which Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Provinces, and even some large households donated $100 to have their devices painted on one of the pavilion dags.

East Kingdom Royal Encampment Gates at Pennsic

East Kingdom Royal Encampment Gates at Pennsic

At the time approximately 15 of the dags were left unpainted. The Pennsic Steward, Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick, would like to offer the opportunity to claim one of those remaining dags for your group’s arms if your group did not so previously, or is newer than the date of the original fundraiser and never had the opportunity.

The Gate is, of course, long since paid for.   The funds raised by this offering will be used for other Royal Encampment improvements.

If you are interested, please contact Mistress Eleanor at pennsic.steward@eastkingdom.org, to confirm the availability of a dag, the formats in which to submit art, and where to send payment.  Payment can be made by check to “SCA, Inc. – East Kingdom” with a notation “EK Royal Maintenance Fund” in the memo section of the check.