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After a beautiful day full of activities and relaxation the court of
Their Excellencies Prefect Titus Aurelius Magnus and Baroness Sorcha of
Stonegrave began.
arms An Dubhaigeainn

Their excellencies called before them Lord Peter of Hawkwood, who
thanked everybody for their participation in his archery tournament. He
was given a small duck token as thanks for his past year of being
champion, and he called Angel of An Dubhaigeainn in as the new champion.
At 14 years old he is the barony’s youngest champion! Angel received the
regalia and a scroll done by Mistress Suzanne Neuber de Londres.

Michael Leg Bain was then called upon by Their Excellencies to enter
court. He also received a Duck Token of thanks and he named Lord Magnus
de Londres as the new Thrown Weapons champion. Magnus however had to
leave the site early and thus was unable to take his place with the
other champions. So Tommaso the fencing champion was kind enough to hold
the spear regalia for the duration of court.

Their Excellencies invited Padraig into court, and two Padraigs stood.
One was beckoned up as the brewer of delicious beer, the other was
welcomed to relax as the drinker of the delicious beer. Padraig Legionis
was declared champion of brewers and received a scroll by Lady Onora
Inghean Ui’Rauirc.

Tommaso Parlapiano was invited before Their Excellencies. He was
presented with a scroll that was due from a prior and extremely wet
Potted Arms event, and confirmed as Fencing Champion.

Their Excellencies demanded the presence of Laird Eanraig the
Bonesetter. He also was due a scroll from Potted Arms, acknowledging his
long time continual and overlapping positions of champion of various
arts that awarded him a pension.

His Excellency David Vasquez de Valencia was invited before Their
Excellencies. They explained that in the rush and excitement of
everything happening at St. Andrews, they missed giving him a gift. A
small basket was handed over and with a look of surprise, then joy, then
cunning, he thanked Their Excellencies then ran away with his dark
chocolate espresso beans, avoiding the grabbing hands of his friends.

Mistress Suzanne begged a boon of Their Excellencies and asked Lady
Monkey Makgee to come into court. Suzanne announced she would take
Monkey as a protege and an apprentice and had a contract read out,
scroll done by Master Vettorio Antonello.

After they both, Their Excellencies, and all Peers present signed the
contract, Mistress Suzanne was asked to talk about the East Kingdom 50
year project she was leading for our Barony.

Since there was nobody attending an event for the first time, Their
Excellencies moved on to the last order of business, each gathered up
some Bronze Duck tokens and proceeded to hand them out. Including
chasing down Henrik of Surtur’s Brood to force him to accept the token
of appreciation. Others who willingly accepted the tokens were Aislinn
of Surtur’s Brood (2), David Fishman, Eanraig the Bonesetter, Fiona the
Volatile (2), Fredis or Theolmork, Jean Xavier Boullier (2), Jenna
Chldslayer, Medb of O’Donnchada, Monkey Makgee (2), Peter of Hawkwood
(2), Ronan Fitzrobert, Saravit of House Three Skulls, Stefan Kurth,
Slaine Baen Ronain, and Suzanne Neuber de Londres.

Lady Sláine báen Ronán, OSW
Deputy Herald
An Dubhaigeainn