Those desiring to preregister for Yule Revel in Renaissance Germany can be preregistered online by completing the survey here then paying the EK PayPal invoice (which will be generated within 24 hours). Event announcement can be found here.

Additionally, our dayboard cook has sent us her menu pasted below.  (Remember to contact the cooks for questions and allergy concerns)

Good gentles, we are excited to tell you about the Dayboard for Yule. Inspired primarily by paintings of nearby Flemish market scenes, we are bringing you foods that were traded to Germany in the early 1580s. We are hoping to offer a variety of cheeses. There will be 2 fine salads from Rumpolt – one of field greens & pomegranates (served disassembled to accommodate allergies) and one of lemons. We’ll have vegetables (both pickled and fresh), fruits (fresh, dried, and preserved), and nuts.

For hearty travelers, there will be a hard sausage and mustard. We hope you enjoy our warm bread and cold butter. There will be reliable hard boiled eggs (served with parsley and vinegar) and slightly more daring pickled herring.

We hope to provide sufficient tempting nibbles to sustain you through the many reunions of old friends and the meetings of new ones.

We hope to see you there

Dame Brunissende Dragonette