Greetings to the Populace of the East Kingdom,

While I have loved serving the youth and families of the East these past four years, my time as Chancellor Minor is coming to the end, and I am still seeking a successor. The deadline for application for the position has been extended to September 15th.

What does the Chancellor Minor do, you ask? Well, according to Kingdom Law:

10. The Kingdom Chancellor Minor:
a. Assists parents of children in integrating children’s activities into local and Kingdom events. The Kingdom Chancellor Minor will not be responsible for, nor in any way encourage autocrats or the Society to provide, baby-sitting services.
b. Prepares, maintains, and disseminates such materials as further the objectives of the Office.
c. Works with the Kingdom Chatelaine in accomplishing these goals.
d. Encourages youth in the culture and customs of the Society.
e. Works with the Kingdom Youth Earl Marshal and the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal to coordinate youth martial activities.

In addition, with the help of a deputy, the Youth Clerk, the Chancellor Minor is responsible for making sure that all those who work with youth are properly warranted and background checked through society.

The candidate for this job should be someone who:
– Enjoys working with both children and adults
– Communicates well via email and in person
– Has basic spreadsheet and document skills
– Has or is eligible for an SCA background check
– Has approximately 2 hours per week to dedicate to reaching out to seneschals, deputies, and youth officers about activities, initiatives, and answering any questions.
– Can fulfill the duties of kingdom officers laid out in EK Law section E.

In order to apply, candidates are asked to submit a letter of intent to myself, the Prince and Princess, and the East Kingdom Seneschal. Ideally, an SCA resume and and modern resume would be included. Any questions can be directed to me at

Yours in Service,
Mistress Leonete D’Angely