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The Gazette thanks Serafina Della Torre for the following report on the Thrown Weapons War Point.

On the last Thursday of Pennsic War 46, throwers and royalty from around the Known World assembled to compete for the Pennsic Thrown Weapons Champions War Point in a tournament designed by Marshal in Charge, Altan of the Moritu. The tournament consisted of 12 champions representing kingdoms throughout the world. They competed in a challenging axe, knife, and spear tournament consisting of eight hard and soft targets. Participants were given specific challenges for scoring including cutting rope, hitting certain small areas of an imagine, and could have points deducted if the wrong areas were hit. Throwers were also challenged to use varying technique for throwing spear, being required to throw both under and over handed. If a weapon penetrated a target and fell out, no points are given, causing the notable quote from Tristan of Northshield: “Hurry up! Score me! Score me! There’s a breeze!”

The victor was determined by team total score. Aethelmearc and Allies had a resounding victory with 795 total points against the East, Middle, and Allies 434. The tournament had a possible 240 point perfect score for each thrower. Tristan was the highest single score with 95 points. Sir Cedric of Thanet was the highest East, Middle, and Allies team scorer with 75 points. Marshal Altan celebrated Catriona MacDhonnachaidh for throwing in full period garb. Several assembled marshals and audience members noted the courtesy, comportment, and collegiality shown by contestants of both teams toward one another.

Pennsic Thrown Weapons Champions War Point – Contestants

Daniel of Whitby
Catriona MacDhonnachaidh
Duke Master Moonwolf
Safiya the Hot Tempered
Patrick the Red
Sir Cedric of Thanet
Alexander MacKeystie
Matteo Genovese
Colin MacKenzie
Mikael McCue
Ulf Jarnhauss

Antonio de Luna
Juan Miguel Cezar
Deals Cohen
Tigernach MacCathail
Keys Kostarev
Cecelia Medici