This year’s Pennsic War is a contest between the Kingdoms of the East, the Middle, and Ealdormere and their allies vs Æthelmearc and Northshield and their allies.

Yesterday’s Armored Woods Battle was a tie with two points going to each side.  The Combat Archery and Siege Battle that was also held yesterday was won by the East, Middle, Ealdormere and Allies and was worth one point.

Today’s Armored Allied Champions Battle was won by the East, Middle, Ealdormere and Allies for one point. The Thrown Weapons Champions Throw went to Æthelmearc, Northshield and their allies and was worth one point. The top Thrown Weapon’s scorer for the East was Sir Cedric of Thanet, the King’s Champion.

The following information on the Archery Champion Team Competition was reported by Mistress Ygraine of Kellswood.

The Middle-East-Ealdormere team won 1 of the available war points, and the AEthelmearc-Atlantia-Allies team won 2. Each point was based on total points scored in each of the three shoots.

Friend/Foe Shoot: A-A scored 167 points, Mid-East scored 153.
Long-distance Walkup Shoot: A-A scored 365 points, Mid-East scored 432.
10 Station Roving Range: A-A scored 2303 points, Mid-East scored 2123.

An article with photos of the A&S entries and its results will be posted at a later date.