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The following is a message from Duchess Avelina Keyes, with regard to the recent changes to the way that polls are sent out to members of the East Kingdom Polling Orders.

Hey folks,

A few notes on the polling process. Here in the East, the polling job is split between two people, Duchess Katherine Stanhope and me.

I handle the software side of the polls. I maintain the awards recommendation form and I put together the polls that the Royalty want.

Duchess Katherine handles distribution.

Each Order has *two* lists. One, the “Discussion list” is for Companions of the Order to discuss candidates and other issues pertinent to the Order. The second is the polling distribution list. That is where Duchess Katherine sends the polls. It is possible to sign up for one and not the other. To sign up for those lists, please visit this link:


Now, for the polls themselves.

Yes, there is a two step process now. This is to prevent anonymous viewing of the polls. The link you get from Duchess Katherine is a “registration” link. Those records who and what email address requested the poll. That info goes into a token table and a unique URL to the poll is generated for *you* and sent to the email you provided. Once you get the poll, yes, you must enter your personal info again. That is because the token table and the data from the polls go to two separate places. The Royalty like to know who has replied to their polls and a way to contact folks if they have questions. That’s why we ask for it in the polls.

I’ve gone into the system to look for errors. A common error I am seeing is that you are spelling your email address wrong. Maybe dropping a vowel in your name, or typing “gmaol” instead of “gmail”. Also, fake email addresses won’t work. If you enter b@b.com as your email, and you don’t actually have access to that account, you won’t get your unique link.

And, a huge shout out to Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid for checking out the back end delivery issues.

I’m here to answer your questions. Please contact me via email at web_pollingadmin@eastkingdom.org