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In the Final Round of Crown Tourney, Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke fighting for Mistress Vienna de la Mer faced off against Sir Ivan Ivanov syn Dmitriev, fighting for Baroness Matilde de Cadenet.

The final would be decided in a best of 5 format with the weapons forms changing with each bout.

For the first bout, the Crown’s choice was axes and Sir Wilhelm took the victory.

For the second bout, populace’s choice was for polearm and Sir Ivan took the win.

The third bout was again the Crown’s choice and His Majesty called for the combatants to bring their best, so both chose sword and shield.   Sir Wilhelm won the bout.

Bout four was another populace choice and the crowd chose broken lances.  Sir Ivan won this bout as well, leveling the match.

The fifth and final bout was fought with sword and buckler, provided by the Crown.  The bout was won by Sir Ivan, clinching the Tourney and the Royal Coronet.


Efeilian, called Parsley