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First Round Pairings with results:

THL Richard Crowe d. THL Klaus Winterhalter

Sir Culann mac Cianain d. Lord Dorian Kalogero

Sir Harold Hakonson d. Lord Abel atte Watere

Master Dmitri Stephanovich d. Bye

THL Turi Mac Kinnon  d. Master Ryan Mc Whyte

Sir Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke d. Lord Patrick Lumhalghs

Sir William MacCrimmon d. Lady Vasia von Kãenigsberg

Sir Zhigmun Czypsser d. Lord Martin Wasser Speier

Sir Pellandres, dit le frere d. Lord Brick James Beech

Baron Vachir Artslanjin d. Baron Jonathan Miles

Jarl Valgard Stonecleaver  d. Luthor Von Eisenfaust

Baron Rory Maclellan d. Master Sigurthr Vigurhafn

THL Arne Ulriksson d. Master Ãvaldr Valbjarnarson

Duke Randal of the Dark d. Onryo

Sir Sichelgaita von Halsstern d. Lord Berkhommer Von Nuemburg

Sir Ivan Ivanov syn Dmitriev d. Lord Donnan Fitzgerald

THL Galvyn Lockhart d. Sir Cedric of Armorica

Lord Ingvar Thorsteinsson d. THL Gawyn O’Clery


Any errors are mine and I apologize.  Corrections will be made as soon as I find them.   Also, there are a numbers of byes required for this size tourney; I am only reporting on bouts fought so I apologize for any confusion as we go.

For a full list of those entered in the Tournament, both combatants and noncombatants, please see: Crown Entrants


Efeilian, called Parsley