Photograph courtesy of The Honorable Lord Hugh Tauerner

Unto the Our beloved Kingdom of the East, do We Brion and Anna, send greetings.

It is with heavy heart we commit to paper these words, as our time upon the Tyger thrones is drawing towards the end. We cannot believe how quickly time has passed.

There are so many wonderful individuals who undertook this journey with us, and helped us so very much along the way. We would like to especially thank Baron Duncan Kerr, Our Chief of Staff, Baroness Isabelle de Monstreuil sur Mer, Our Head Lady in Waiting, Baron Rowen, Master Ryan, and Master Malcolm for being Our voice and working with the many heralds to organize Our Courts.

To the members of the Queen’s guard, and those who served as ladies in waiting, and retainers throughout the reign, we appreciated your service, your company and your friendship. A special thank you to Lord Agapios Cargos for providing leadership and always being there. Thank you to Lord Hassan for stepping up when we needed the help.

We would like to thank those who served as Our Champions. You shined a brilliant light on the aspects of our Grand society, which you represented so well. To the Officers of this great Kingdom, a special thank you for all your hard work and support to the people of the Kingdom and to the Crown.

Thank you to Duchess Caoilfhionn and Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell for organizing the largess and the queen’s favors for the reign. We heard wonderful things from Our royal cousins and the many others who received these wonderful works of art and gifts from the people of the East. A special thank you to everyone who helped in creating, providing and donating to this effort, We truly appreciate it.

There are so many grand artistic expressions of the East that we see at every event, but we would like to call out a thank you to the scribes whose calligraphy and illumination bring lasting memories for the members of the East through works of art of the highest caliber. You truly amaze us and those throughout the knowne world who envy such beautiful creations. Thank you for your time and sharing your vision with our Kingdom. We would like to thank Mistress Nest, Mistress Kay Leigh, and Mistress Nataliia for organizing, scheduling, and helping to arrange for the magic to happen.

We would like to thank the members of Duchy Tarragon and Our Royal household. To Duchess Aikaterine, for making such wonderful clothing. To Mistress Eleanor, Baroness Alanna, Lady Natassia, Duchess Katherine, Duke Randall, Duke Griffith and Mistress Lucy, We appreciate your assistance, counsel, and support anytime throughout the reign.

We want to thank our youngest son, Lord Duncan Tarragon. You have supported us at home and away for these many, many years. Helping to keep the home fires burning and serving whenever we needed you. We are very proud of you, and the way you represent our family and name. Thanks for letting Mom and Dad have the time to play.

Lastly, we would like to wish Our heirs, the Crown Prince Ioannes and Crown Princess Honig, the very best as they embark on their Pennsic reign. May their days be filled with victory and joy, and their nights be filled with celebration and heroic stories to last the test of time. It has been a joy working with you both.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you, the members of the populace of the Kingdom of the East. Thank you for coming with us on this journey. Thank you for being willing to try some new things and for your friendship and smiles. We are truly grateful to have had another opportunity to serve as your King and Queen. We had a wonderful time, beyond words…

With love and respect,
We remain, in Service to the East

Brion Rex Orientalis Anna Regina Orientalis