Following is the unoffical court report from Smoking Rocks Investiture, held this September 3.

Richard Leviathan and Alys Attewater were made Baron and Baroness of Smoking Rocks; scribe was Solskinn of Smoking Rocks.

Ceawling Alreading was made a Court Baron; scribe was Ignacia la Ciega.

Ana Godefelaugh was given an Award of Arms; scribe was Heather Rose deGourdon.

William Bonesetter was given an Award of Arms; scribe was Tola Knityr.

Evelyn of Easton was given an Award of Arms; scribes was Katrusha Skomorokh.

Justinius Alexander Eternus was given an Award of Arms.  Illumination was by Aelthelthryth Kenricing and calligraphy by Avelina Keyes.

Eleyna Hilton was given a Kings Award of Esteem.

Barabas de Celicia was given an Order of the Tyger Combatant; scribe was Heather Rose deGordoun.

The reporting herald was Alesone Gray of Cranleigh.