Are you looking for a way to celebrate the 950th anniversary of the battle of Hastings? You can’t get to England this year to march from Stamford Bridge to Hastings? Come instead to Shire Wars, Oct 14-16 and choose sides in many competitions, including chivalric combat, fencing, and thrown weapons. Are you a marshal for a martial art ? A dab hand with a sponge and dishtowel? Good with a knife & chopping block? Great with wee ones? Able to tell a tall tale (or a short one)? Come help the cause (whichever side that is)!

Bardic, dancing, classes, merchants and artistic displays will be at the main hall. Please bring displays of heraldry, yours or your groups. A mid-day meal will be cooked by the battlefield. A feast of Anglo-Saxon and Norman courses will be served in the early evening.

Tent camping sites and cabin bunks are available.  For more information please see the East Kingdom Event Announcement as well, for those on the Book of Face,  the Facebook Event Page.


Registration: Open to campers 5 pm October 14th (Dining Hall)

Opens near parking lot October 15th 8-2

Otherwise check in at Dining Hall.

Please note that all cars must be parked in the parking lot.

Temporary Passes are available to drive & drop off equipment on the field or at the dining hall. Cars can also be used to pack up equipment as well. Please unload quickly, park your car, and return the pass.


Heavy Weapons: Master Wulgar

Inspection 10 am

Warlord Tourney followed by a Hastings Battle

11 am – 1 pm

Challenges & pick up fighting after lunch

Fencing: Atttila Soldus

Inspection 10 am

Bear Pit Tourney &

Battle of Hastings

11 am – 1 pm

Archery Range: opens by 11 am

Thrown Weapons Range: opens by 11 am

A&S Classes: In Hall porches. See schedule

Merchants open by 11 am

Dayboard: will be cooked and served on the tournament field

at 1 pm.

Dayboard items will also be delivered to the Dining Hall

The sword dancers will entertain during lunch.

Dancing: will be held on the green across from the

tournament field throughout the day

All attendees are invited to collect beads (one for each activity area and volunteering. Beads can be used for extra raffle tickets for the Bayeaux Tapestry Posters.

All activities will close at 4 pm.

Regional Seneschals Meeting in Dining Hall at 4 pm

Feast of two courses will begin at 5 pm

Dancing between the courses

Bayeaux Tapestry Raffle will be held during the feast.

Winners in all activities will be announced during the feast.

An open bardic circle will be held after the feast around 7 pm.