battleThough the day started overcast with a bit of rain, there was naught but comradery and lightheartedness to be found among the attendees of the Barony of Smoking Rocks 40th Anniversary Celebration, held on the 23rd of April, Anno Societatis 50, reckoned 2016 in the Common Era. The day’s revels were attended by Their Majesties Kenric III and Avelina III. In mid-afternoon, upon completion of the rapier and armoured tourneys and the arts and sciences competition, Their Majesties opened Court. They invited Their Excellencies Smoking Rocks join Them and to conduct what business they had in Baronial Court. Smoking Rocks Court concluded, Their Majesties resumed Their own Royal Court.

First to speak to the King was Ceawlin Alreding, Baron of Smoking Rocks. Baron Ceawlin recalled a time in the past when a faithful family retainer named Kenric had served as his cupbearer. At the time, Baron Ceawlin had promised his retainer a ha’penny at Christmastide. Kenric’s fortunes now much changed, His Excellency still wished to fulfill his debt and presented His Majesty with his ha’penny and his thanks.

Their Majesties called for Ysabella de Coventry and spoke of her service to thrown weapons and archery. They wished to pass on the appreciation of her work by Their predecessors, Omega V and Etheldreda IV, and gave her a scroll Awarding her Arms from the 22nd of August, A.S. 50, 2015 C.E. at the Equestrian and Thrown Weapons Championships. The scroll was prepared by Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot.

The Crown then called for the children of the East and offered them toys from the Kingdom’s coffers, if they could catch Ulf the Dragon Slayer. Ulf ran out of Court with the box, followed by a dozen children and much joyful cheering.

King Kenric and Queen Avelina called for Lasair an Fhraoich and spoke of her tablet weaving and work on the inkle loom. They called for Their Order of the Silver Brooch and made Lasair a member of that Order, with a scroll to commemorate that crafted by Lord Vettorio Antonello.

Their Majesties called for those new to the Society and several people approached. Their Majesties offered them tokens of appreciation and thanked them for participating.

Lord Haakon Ragnarsson was summoned before the Crown and praised his work as an anchor of his shield wall. They called for Their Order of the Silver Tyger and caused Haakon to be numbered among them, with a scroll saying such prepared by Lady Onora inghean ui Rauic. Their Majesties felt Their Order of the Silver Tyger incomplete and called for Baron Bruka the Saracen. King Kenric praised his work in the shield wall and his skill with pole arm, and named Bruka to the Order with a scroll prepared by Mistress Nest verch Tangwistel. Mistress Nest verch Tangwhistle then approached the thrones in her role as Tyger Clerk of the Signet and swore fealty, and was given fealty in return by the Crown.

The Crown called for Lady Marguerite von Elfenau. They spoke of her work as a chonicler, her musicianship with Fracta Modi, and how she opens her house for project days and newcomer get togethers. They called for Their Order of the Silver Wheel and caused Marguerite to be counted as one of that Order. She was presented with a framed piece of stained glass crafted by Lady Solskinn of Smoking Rocks with words by Mistress Nest verch Tangwistle.

Their Majesties then spoke of the polling that had recently been conducted in the Barony of Smoking Rocks in its search to find successors to Baron Ceawlin Alreding and Baroness Molly Blythe. Their Majesties announced that they had found the heirs to the Baronial Seat and called for Lord Richard Leviathan and Lady Alys Attewater and bade them plan for their Investiture. Queen Avelina then thanked the Barony and the event steward for a wonderful day and offered her expectations for a wonderful feast.

Before the Court of Their Majesties could be closed, Master Padraig Dubh MacEanruig, who had been made a member of the Order of Chivalry twenty years prior, came forward and asked if Their Majesties would accept his fealty. King Kenric said he would much rather have Master Pat at his side than opposing him and so accepted his offered fealty and gave him the fealty of the Crown in return.

There being no further business, the Court of Kenric III and Avelina III at Smoking Rocks 40th Anniversary was concluded. My thanks to the heralds – Mistress Suba al-Hadid, Lady Amy verch Rychard, Lord Agapios Cargos, and Justinius Alexander Eternus – and all the retainers and scribes and others who supported the Crown and the event.

For Crown and College, Pray know I remain, – Master Rowen Cloteworthy