The following items were presented at the Court of Their Majesties Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri held on February 23-29, A.S. L (2016) in the Kingdom of Atenveldt at Estrella War XXXII.

Company of the Pennon:
Master Joel the Brewer (West, with permission of TRM West)
Baroness Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sitt (West, with permission of TRM West)
Syr Culann mac Cianain
Sir Luis de Castilla
Lord Antonii Machinevik (previously Antonius)
Lord Bric James Beech
Lord Ryouko’jin of Iron Skies
Lord Martin Wasserspier
Lady Brynhildr Ansvarsdottir
Lord Bjorn inn Kvensami
Lord Indrakshi Aravinda
Lady Ciar of Skye

His Majesty has explained, “The Company of the Pennon is given for exceptional martial prowess or work as support staff at an event in a foreign Kingdom. The Eastern Expeditionary Force was small, but ferocious on the field. They garnered glory and victory against strong and numerically superior foes in several battles.” He went to to mention the gracious hosting by the West Kingdom, particularly Master Joel and Baroness Elisheva, providing the Eastern Contingent with a camp, food, lodging, and all manner of hospitality which allowed the EEF to focus on their duties, and so these two gentles were duly acknowledged for their hospitality.

Order of Valor:
Lady Ciar of Skye
Lord Ryouko’jin of Iron Skies
These two gentles showed outstanding prowess and leadership, on the tourney and melee fields

Lastly the gift Estrella Scrolls were presented to the following kingdoms:

Court Heralds: Baron Mael Eoin mac Echuid (Great Court)
Reporting Herald: King Brennan Ri, Master Malcolm Bowman