badge HeraldWith the required quarterly reports becoming more and more irregular over the last year The College of Heralds is taking a new tack on reporting. This is your 10-day warning and this warning is being  doubled to Social Media to attempt to reach non-reponsive heralds.

Pursuivant reports are required on a quarterly basis. The next reports are due March 1st. Any groups who have not reported to the regional deputies by 12:01 AM on March 2nd will be forwarded to the Kingdom Seneschal as non-compliant to East Kingdom Law.

Remember, Heralds are Required Officers for the continued existence of Baronies and Provinces, and are one of the optional officers for the third required officer for Shires, Colleges, Strongholds, Ports, Cantons, and Ridings.

Reports are required to include the following information, at the minimum:

  • Mundane Name:
  • Society Name:
  • Membership Number:
  • Expiration Date:

The form on the East Kingdom College of Heralds website can help you add more information to your reports if you choose: http://herald.eastkingdom.org/

Southern Region Reports are to be emailed to Baroness Treannah at terpsichore@eastkingdom.org

Central Region Reports are to be emailed to Master Donovan at Golden.Rapier@eastkingdom.org

Northern Region Reports are to be emailed to Lord Conall at Blue.Talbot@eastkingdom.org

Tir Mara Region Reports are to be emailed to Lord Díarmaid at badger@tirmara.eastkingdom.org

Francophone Heralds can also report to Lord Eginhard at hibou.blanc@tirmara.eastkingdom.org

If you have already reported to me instead of your Regional Herald, as some of you have, please re-send the email to your regional herald.

Ryan, Brigantia