badge ChroniclerMy current term ends on 12 April, just after Coronation, and as I will have held the position for four years at that time, a replacement is required by East Kingdom Law.

The initial advertisement for applicants at the beginning of January did not result in a resume which Their Highnesses felt comfortable accepting for the position, so they have directed me to extend the application period. Resumes will be accepted until 29 February.

The job consists of two major tasks:

  • Getting Pikestaff assembled and sent to the SCA Publications Director every month, on time, no exceptions, not even for Pennsic. If you can’t meet a deadline regularly, this is not the job for you.
  • Overseeing the efforts of local chroniclers in those groups which have newsletters of their own.

Pikestaff requires some specific skills:

  • The ability to use a layout program to create the issue. It must be able to produce a high-resolution PDF file. The Office owns two licenses for Adobe InDesign, but you are not required to use them if you are comfortable with a different tool that will let you produce the PDF output.
  • A solid grasp of English – grammar, spelling, etc. so that you can notice and correct problems when proofreading the issue. The job requires almost no actual writing.

Newsflash! You don’t have to do everything yourself. You can have as many deputies as you can find volunteers for, and should absolutely have at least one working deputy, as well as an emergency deputy in case something happens to prevent you from fulfilling the office. Some options:

  • A layout editor – I’ve been fortunate to have Countess Alethea doing the bulk of the work on the newsletter layout for me. I make minor adjustments, proofread, and add last minute updates. (And no, she doesn’t come with the office – she’s been doing this for me and my predecessor before me, and she’s ready for a break).
  • Regional deputies to handle oversight and reporting by local chroniclers. (I didn’t do this – if I were starting over now I would. I recommend it highly).
  • A web deputy. The Chronicler’s website could be a much better resource than I’ve made it. If you don’t have HTML skills, the EK Webminister’s office will assist you in finding someone to do this.
  • An art director – Pikestaff needs art every month, and unlike most of the content, you have to seek out people for this. It doesn’t just appear spontaneously.

There are some things you don’t have to do. You don’t have to worry about financial records. If you have expenses, which are generally minimal, you submit receipts for them to the EK Exchequer, and will be reimbursed. The office has a budget for things like postage, printer cartridges, office supplies, etc.

You also have no responsibilities whatsoever regarding printing or mailing of Pikestaff. You email the PDF to the Publications Director, and you’re done. Everything from there is handled by her office.

Last, and this almost goes without saying, but I want to be complete, it requires the same general skills as any other Kingdom level office – reliable internet so you can check the office mailbox frequently (almost all correspondence is electronic), being conscientious about answering your email, and making a reasonable attempt to attend Coronations and Kingdom Curias. Also you need to be familiar with the policies of your corporate superior, and follow them.

If you’re potentially interested but have questions, please contact me informally at chronicler@eastkingdom.org. When you’re ready, submit a letter stating your desire to apply for the job, a copy of your SCA resume, and a copy of your modern resume, to myself (chronicler@eastkingdom.org) and to Their Highnesses (prince@eastkingdom.org and princess@eastkingdom.org). I encourage you to include details of your plans (what type of deputies, etc.) in the letter.

Mistress A’isha bint Jamil

East Kingdom Chronicler