Being the Court of Their Majesties Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri held on January 30, A.S. L (2016)

in the Barony of Stonemarche at A Market Day at Birka

Court Heralds: Malcolm Bowman, Ryan MacWhyte, Mylisant Grey, Alys Mackyntoich, Lucien de Pontivy, Aildreda de Tamworthe, Grimm the Skald, Kayleigh MacWhyte, Maria von Ossenheim, Lucien de Wyntere, Yehuda ben Moshe, Liadin ingen Chineada, Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle, Kirsa Oyutai, Simona bat Leone

Reporting Herald: Malcolm Bowman

Olaf Haraldson, Writ for Pelican.

Catalina de Valencia, Silver Rapier. Scroll by: Mariette de Bretagne

Grimm the Skald, Silver Rapier. Scroll by: Shadiyah Al-Zhara

Gabriel Roberts, Silver Rapier. Scroll by: Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea

Eadgyth aet Staeningum- Silver Crescent. Scroll by: Sorcha Dhocair inghean Uí Ruairc, W: Colin MacKenzie

Valerian of Somerset, Tygers Combatant. Scroll by: C&I: Lada Monguligan Frame: Mongo Chinua Glass: Conor O Ceallaigh

Baptiste O’Brien, Tygers Combatant. Scroll by: Jonathan Blaecstan W: Nest verch Tangwistel French: Kirsa Oyutai

Harkin mac Tighearnan, Tygers Combatant. Scroll by: Robert dwe Makminne & Emma Makilmone; W: Tommaltach MacFiachoch

Benedict Hope, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Aaradyn Ghyoot

Ban of Wintermoor, Award of Arms. Scroll by: C: Faolán an Screcain I &W: Aislinn Chiabach

Keagan MacKeagan Award of Arms. Scroll by: I& W: Leonete d’Angely C: Nataliia Anastasia Evgenova

Allerick van den Broeke, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Fiona O’Maille ó Chaun Coille

Kirsa Oyuta, Silver Wheel. Scroll by: Katherine Stanhope French: Godfroy de Falaise English: Deidre Ruadh Inghean Mhic an Mhadaidh

Medhbh ingean ui Cheallaigh, Silver Wheel. Scroll by: Mergriet van Wijenhorst

Þory VeÞardottir, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Cassandra Arquest de Northumbria

Cherrl de la Rouche, Award of Arms. Scroll by: I: Yzabell du Perche C:Nest verch Tangwistel

Orso Tano de Firenze, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Sorcha Dhocair inghean Uí Ruairc W: Ulrich Reinhart

Duncan Fletcher, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Juliote de Castlenou D’Arry

Cassandra Hobbes, Silver Crescent. Scroll by: Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea

Ro Honig von Summerfeldt, Silver Crescent. Scroll by: Christiana Crane

Margurite de Gui, Silver Crescent. Scroll by: Alisay de Falaise

Brita Mairi Svensdottir, Augmentation of Arms. Scroll by: I&C: Elsa de Lyon W: Anastasia Guta

Cathain, Apollo’s Arrow (w/Award of Arms). Scroll by: Aleksei Dmitriev

Temyl zwie Breuken, Award of Arms. Scroll by: I: Lorita de Siena C: Faolán an Screcain German: Udalrich Schermer

Marjorie Parmentar, Award of Arms. Scroll by: I: Lorita de Siena C: Faolán an Screcain French: Nathalie Royne/Kirsa Oyutai

Analeda Falconbridge, Laurel. Scroll By: I: Camille des Jardins C: Alexandre St. Pierre W: Lucien de Pontivy & Aildreda de Tamworthe

Adrienne d’eureaux, Silver Brooch. Scroll by: Alexandre St. pierre

Christiana Crane, Maunche. Scroll by: Edward Mac Gyver dos Scorpus W: Analeda Falconbridge

Anastasia Guta, Maunche. Scroll by: I: Thyra Eiriksdottir W: Alys Mackyntoich

Kristin Alarsdottir, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Camille des Jardins

Sunnifa Heiriksdottir, Writ for Laurel. Scroll by: Nest verch Tangwistel

Lijsbet van Catwic, Award of Arms. Scroll by: Nyfain merch Cohel

Anna Ophelia Tarragon, Tyger of the East. Scroll by: Alexandre St. Pierre W: Adrienne d’eureaux Latin: Steffan ap Kennydd

Hrafyn Bonesetter, Chivalry. Scroll by: Stone: Olaf Haraldson W: Aife Chonchobair in Derthaige

Court was also attended by Their Highnesses Prince Kenric and Princess

Avelina, Their Majesties Emperor Magnus Tindal and Empress Etain of

Æthelmearc, and Her Highness Princess Thora of Atlantia.

Mercedes Vera de Calafia, East Kingdom Seneschal, announced that

Midland Vale had completed all requirements and is now officially a Shire.

West Kingdom Chancellor Minor Jolie De la rue presented a gift of toys for

the Royal Toybox created by other children.

Lucan von Drachenklaue was re-belted by Her Majesty and swore fealty.

Thirty-seven newcomers presented themselves when called into court.

Please note – all Tygers Combatant, Maunches and Silver Crescents now bestow a

Grant of Arms to their recipients (if they do not already have one).