En français

Greetings, people of the East!

Her most royal Majesty Caoilfhionn has issued a Garb Challenge to the good gentles attending the Market Day at Birka. She desires to see the skill with needle and thread of the populace in interpreting the theme, “Characters of Pixar.”

If you must, turn yourselves Inside Out in order to find the perfect Toy, Story book, or other accessory to adequately display your Incredible interpretation of the challenge. Even if it seems you might hit a creative Wall-e, or you are afraid Monsters, Inc-luding laurels, squire brothers and apprentice siblings may scorn you, you must be Brave, keep your chin Up, and stay strong by eating nourishing Ratatouille. Although it is a Bug’s Life out there for those artisans who think taking on challenges is like Finding Nemo, those wounds inflicted by pins, needles, and shears will soon turn to sCars of pride and victory!

En français  Traduction par Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Salutations, gens de l’Est !

Sa très grande Majesté Caoilfhionn mets au défi toute la population venant au Marché de Birka de produire des costumes. Pas n’importe lesquels cependant; son désir est de voir le talent de nos artisans avec fil et aiguille lors de l’interprétation du thème, “Personnages de Pixar.”