Photo by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

Photo by Baroness Cateline la Broderesse

Their Majesties Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri did visit their Barony of Bergental, and held a tournament to find their Heirs on 7 November 2015, AS L.

After a tournament filled with skillful and chivalrous combat, it came down to a best of five between Kenric ӕt Essex and Hrafn Bonesetter. After three rounds rotating from sword and shield to greatsword to polearm, Kenric emerged the victor.

His Majesty Brennan crowned Kenric ӕt Essex Prince of the East, and his heir. Her Majesty Caoilfhionn crowned Avelina Keyes Princess of the the East, and her heir. In court Their Highnesses would be formally named Prince and Princess Tir Mara.

Before the tourney began, however, Their Majesties called forth Benjamin Black. Noting his prowess in combat, and service as a marshal that day, they called in their Order of the Tyger’s Combatant. He was inducted into the order and presented a medallion and a scroll by Melisande of the Gryphon Wood.

At the start of evening court, a moment of silence for those who have passed was observed.

Hrafn Bonesetter was called before the court. He was named the Admiral of the Armies, as is tradition.

The Shield of Chivalry is presented to Simon Gwynn

The Shield of Chivalry is presented to Simon Gwynn. Photo by Camille des Jardins

The Ladies of the Rose were invited to join Their Majesties. They presented tokens to Jibril al DakhilKetilfastr Thorkilson, Hrafn Bonesetter, Sigrun Soldottir, Gelleys Jaffery, Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Luis de Castilla. They then chose to present the Shield of Chivalry to Simon Gwyn.

Their Majesties next called before them Aeryn Fitzpatrick. Despite her youth, they spoke of her exceptional service. They called forth the Order of the Tyger’s Cub. She was inducted into the order, presented a medallion and a scroll by Katherine Stanhope.

Her Majesty invited before her those children who had taken part in her Service Initiative. Caleb, Emma, Courtney Rose and Catline were presented tokens for their participation.

The rest of the children present were invited into court. They proceeded to stampede in their pursuit of the toybox.

King Brennan and Queen Caoilfhionn invited before them Brynhildr Amvarsdottir. They spoke of her great service to themselves and the Kingdom, and made her a Lady of the court, Awarding her Arms with a scroll featuring illumination by Adrienne d’Evreaus, calligraphy by Alexander St. Pierre and words by Aneleda Falconbridge.

Cassandra Blondel de Saint Alban was called before the court. Their Majesties spoke well of her, and Awarded her Arms, making her a Lady of the Court and presenting her a scroll by Sorcha Dhocair inghean Ui Ruairc with words by Ulrich Reinhart.

Next were Leon d’Saint Aubin and Rudolf d’Saint Aubin called into court. Their hard work noted, Their Majesties Awarded them both Arms, and made them both Lords of their Court. Leon received a scroll featuring illumination Juliana de Essex and calligraphy and words by Nest verch tangwistel. Rudolf received a scroll by Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook.

Rudolf and Leon Receive AoAs. Photo by Lady Camille des Jardins

Rudolf and Leon Receive AoAs. Photo by Lady Camille des Jardins

His Majesty Brennan next invited into court Astryda Browska and Stephan of Silverforge. He spoke highly of their tremendous attention to detail in their personas and their presentation, and inducted them each into the King’s Order of Excellence. Astryda received a scroll by Onóra ingheann Uí Rauirc.

Stephan received a scroll with illumination by Sunniva Ormstung, calligraphy by Elen Alswyth of Eriskay and words by Sunniva Ormstring & Elen Alswyth.

Their Majesties both asked Stephan of Silverforge to remain in their court. Speaking highly of his skills, they invited into their court the Companions of the Order of the Maunche. He was inducted into the order and presented a medallion.

Their Majesties called before their court Raina Iskremova. Brennan and Caoilfhionn spoke of the good they had heard of her, and made her a Lady of the Court, Awarding her Arms.

The citizens of the Hamlet of…well, frankly it was a really inscrutable piece of paper they gave the

Photo by Lady Raziya bint Rusa

Aneleda is asked a Question. Photo by Lady Raziya bint Rusa

Herald which appeared to read the Hamlet of Hepfulton. At any rate, the citizens asked Their Majesties for assistance, as they lacked leadership. His Majesty called forward his squire, Martin Wasserpeier. So it was Martin was named the Mayor of the newly renamed Hamlet of Helpfulltown, and presented a sash of office and a scroll with illumination by Elizabeth Eleanor Lovell and calligraphy by Alys Mackyntoich.

His Majesty demanded the presence of Aneleda Falconbridge. He was quite upset to have learned that she had composed a song not for him, but for his cousin of the Mid. Her Majesty pleaded on behalf of Aneleda, but Brennan was most wroth. He determined that a jury of her peers was necessary, and called them forth – The Companions of the Order of the Laurel. Analeda was given a writ to sit vigil at A Market Day at Birka, and on that day answer whether she would be elevated to the Peerage.

Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri called forth Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova.

She answered the question they had put before her at their Rapier Champions event in the affirmative, and thus they called before them the Companions of the Order of Defense. After hearing the words of representatives of each Peerage, they presented Nataliia with a cloak and a collar. The Queen then cast a gauntlet before Nataliia and challenged her to take up the duty of a Master of Defense. The challenge being accepted, she was made a companion of the Order. The new Master of Defense was also presented a scroll by Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus.

Natalia is invested as a Master of Defense. Photo by Lady Camille des Jardins

Natalia is invested as a Master of Defense. Photo by Lady Camille des Jardins

The future of the Kingdom of the East secured, Their Majesties closed their court. Long live the King and Queen! Long live the Prince and Princess! Long live the Kingdom of the East!

In service,

Malcolm Bowman, Eastern Crown Herald.

PS – Thank you to the Rowen Cloteworthy for organizing the Heralds for the Tournament, and to the heralds and runners for their hard work.

Thank you also to the heralds for court – Leonete d’Angely, Alesone Grey of Cranleigh, Maria von Ossenheim, Yehuda ben Moshe, Liadin Ingen Chineada, and Simona bat Leon.