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A message from Joel of Vestfell, East Kingdom Calendar Deputy Webminister:

PLEASE, if your event is not showing up on the Calendar online, PLEASE DO NOT WAIT until the last week before your event is scheduled to occur to bring this up. There are a variety of reasons why your event may not be showing up, none of which will be fixed by waiting.

badge WebministerFirst, check with your local Seneschal to see if they have not approved the posting for a reason. Take a look at this East Kingdom Gazette article for why and how they are part of the process.

Second, send an email to eventform-help (at) eastkingdom.org and ask us to get involved.

Since we instituted the Seneschal approval process back in February 2015, *every single time* an event has not appeared online, it has been related to that process.

Some of you have noticed that occasionally an event will not show up online and WILL show up in the Pikestaff. We have devised a fix for that and moving forward events that are not correctly approved will no longer appear in the Pikestaff. This not only risks your turnout for your event, but it risks loss of “official” status of your event, and therefore risks coverage under SCA Insurance, invalidates any court business, etc. PLEASE bring problems to our attention within a week of POSTING your event, rather than within a week of the event itself.