Saint Andrew Visits the Patron Saint of Estonia is an event that will be held on November 14, 2015, Barony of arms An Dubhaigeainn (Middle Island, NY)

After celebrating Wallachian Heroes in Transylvania, and Visiting his Old Emerald Isle for a Caber Toss, our own Saint Andrew travels by sea to help Estonian Patron Saint George prepare for his Festival days in the spring. Join us at the Estonia House in Middle Island as St Andrew Visits St George. We will have our annual Heavy Championship, and activities in the gentler Arts & Sciences as they do in the far off reaches of Estonia. After the Fall Court of Their Excellencies, baroness Suzanne Nueber de Londres and Baron David Vazquez de Valencia, there will be a marvelous feast Featuring the Flavors of Estonia.

The HEAVY LIST CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNEY at this year’s St. Andrew event is sure to please fighters and spectators alike! Their Excellencies have charged their Heavy List Champion, Tycho Mikkelsen, with providing martial entertainment for the populace. To that end, there shall be a brisk day of tournaments where the combatants shall be tested in four different weapon forms – mace and shield, two-handed sword, maul, and “sword and other list-legal one-handed implement”. The structure of the day’s events shall be formed so as to best accommodate the number of fighters who come to demonstrate their prowess and courtesy. Maces, polearms, great weapons, and gauntlets shall be available on loan for all authorized fighters who wish to participate. Regardless of the event’s format, there shall be prizes! Prizes shall be won by the fighters who demonstrate the greatest prowess in each of the four weapon forms. In addition, there shall be four other prizes for winning the following titles of the day– “Gallery’s Darling”, “The Sojourner”, “Exemplar of Franchise”, and “Prince of Possums”. Finally, the native of An Dubhaigeainn who best distinguishes themselves by their prowess and comportment during the day’s fighting shall be honored as the new Heavy List Champion of the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn.

There will be a Thrown Weapons Tourney run by our own Magnus De Londres & a Fencing Tourney run by Master Jean Xavier

Please see the East Kingdom Event Calendar for more details
Saint Andrew Visits the Patron Saint of Estonia