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Shire Wars will be held October 16 to 18, 2015, in the incipient Shire of Archer’s Ford (mundanely Jonestown, PA). Thane Alexander Makcristyne has written this description of the planned activities. Please visit the event announcement for more information.

archersforddeviceFor the past five years the Westernmost Shire of the Southern Region has been getting together and holding an event known as Shire Wars. This year things are little different, in that more Shires and the Barony of Bhakail have joined the event to make it even larger. This year this Shires of Montevale, Blak Rose, Owlsherst, Silver Rylle, Hartshorn-Dale, Buckland Cross, and Archer’s Ford (incipient) have joined up to challenge Bhakail and any ally she may bring to a David vs Goliath type themed event. But who is David and who is Goliath? Well, that is for you, the Good People of the East Kingdom, to find out by coming to the event. Root for your favorite side or join that side, whichever you prefer. But, wait! There have been rumors that invasion may happen from the South and from the West, since the Southern region is engaged with itself and not protecting the Southern and South Western Boarders. For this reason, their Highnesses, rightful heirs to the Crown, are coming to this event to find out what is going on and further help protect this great Kingdom. Will there be battle between the Shires and Bhakail, or will there be a raid where Bhakail and the Shires join forces behind their King and push back the invaders?

There will be field battles of Heavy Weapons and Fencing as well as tournaments for both. Tournaments for Thrown Weapons, Archery, Atlatl and A&S will also be held. There are also going to be youth activities, such as Youth Fencing and Youth Heavy Weapons. The gentler side such as A&S will have Classes to keep the minds of those interested in the arts churning with new ideas. This all ends with a Court shortly followed by a great feast and dancing. So please come and have a good time with us!